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Mathematical Pie is published three times a year. It is aimed at pupils from 10 to 14 years of age, but is read by all age groups.

Each issue contains a variety of problems and challenges, stimulating mathematical activity. The questions vary in their difficulty so that there are suitable starting points for all ages of student.

Mathematical Pie Notes are produced to enable the problems to be easily adapted for schools and to show possible extensions into further activity.

Mathematical Pie has shown itself to be an easy and enjoyable method of involving students in extra-curricular activity. For those who enjoy mathematics it is a must.

Editor: Wil Ransome

Mathematical Pie, Teachers' Notes and Newsletter are sent free to all members of the Mathematical Association. Mathematical Pie is sent free to all members of the Society of Young Mathematicians. It is also possible to subscribe specifically to Mathematical Pie at the rates below.

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You can see for yourself what is in a typical issue of Mathematical Pie by downloading the Spring 2018 Issue as a pdf file

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