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The Cambridge Branch is currently virtual, conducting all this year’s meetings via Zoom. Our year’s programme starts in the autumn, with one meeting in each term, taking place from 4.30 to 6pm. After a short introduction, we hear from phase specialists about the latest activity/policy/assessment/initiative that is affecting them, and publicise other events that members could find of interest. We usually have about 40-50 attendees and anyone wishing to join us this year can do so for free, by contacting Lynne McClure to obtain the Zoom information in exchange for their contact details.  See below for this year’s all female set of presenters! 

Cambridge Branch Past Events


Watch: The Symbols and the Symbolised

We can be lured into thinking that the symbols we use in mathematics are the mathematics itself. During the session we will explore ways in which learners might be given some control over symbolising these situations themselves.  Pete Griffin is Assistant Director in the Secondary Team at NCETM and has had a varied career in teaching, advisory work and higher education. He is well known for his engaging CPD session

Presenter: Pete Griffin


What do you notice? What do you wonder?
Cambridge Branch - Online Event

10 February 2021

Description: There is a growing movement of mathematics teachers who are using the prompts “What do you notice? What do you wonder?” to encourage creativity and curiosity in their learners. In this session, we will look at some visual prompts with the potential to provoke questions in primary and secondary classrooms, explore the mathematics we find, and discuss how such prompts can enrich learners’ experiences of learning mathematics.

Alison is a a mathematician, educator and maths communicator based in the East of England. She’s probably well known as a recent member of the NRICH team and now spends her time creating maths resources and videos, running face to face and online maths workshops for students and teachers, writing about maths, and tutoring. She also tweets about maths and education.  @alisonkiddle

Presenter: Alison Kiddle

Date and booking: Wednesday 10th February 2021, 4.30-6.00 by Zoom

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Hannah Fry - details to follow

Cambridge Branch - Online Event


Date and Booking: Summer term 2021, date and time to be confirmed.

Hannah is the current President of the MA and is well known for her appearances on TV (eg the Joy of Data) and her regular appearances on radio in the UK including her long running BBC Radio 4 show The Curious Cases of Rutherford and Fry. and @frysquared

Presenter: Hannah Fry

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