The Mathematical Association's local activities are organised by its branches, some of which are joint branches with the ATM.  We also have a network of local representatives.

This area of the Association's work is managed by Cindy Hamill and the Branches Committee. The Committee exists to encourage and support the activities of the Branches.

Attending a Branch meeting in your area

You don’t have to be invited to join a Branch. Simply chose the Branch closest to where you work or live and then send an email to the branch's main contact, indicating that you want to attend the next meeting.  The Branch and Branch event pages include details about each meeting - location, theme, cost (if applicable) and time, etc.

Can't see a Branch in your area? Want us to help you set one up?

If you are interested to set up a new Branch in your area then contact Cindy Hamill who can guide you in how to go about doing this.

Branches Committee Initiatives

For the last few years, MA Branches Committee has been trying to encourage more Branch members to consider attending MA Conference. Everyone on the committee has attended MA Conference in the past and all know full well the advantages and benefits that can accrue for delegates involved in mathematics and mathematics education. It was felt that these benefits may not always be clear to those new to mathematics education or those who have never been to an MA Conference, and that ways should be sought to encourage such first time participation.
So, from October 2014, Branches Committee decided to offer a sponsorship of a free, residential place at the MA's Annual Conferences ( recipients and their reports below). 

Recipients of past Annual Conference Branch Bursaries

2018 - Stephen Shackleton - BCME9

2017 - Jon Howlett -  Common Denominators: connections within and beyond mathematics

2016 - Lindsey Sharp -  Inspiring Teachers

Mel MuldowneySo what are the benefits of attending the MA Conference?
Some thoughts and feedback from first time attendee, Mel Muldowney:

"...Subject associations and where they "fit" in the day to day grind of teaching is something that I've been thinking about since I had the pleasure of attending the Mathematical Association's 2015 Conference in April. At the back end of last year I was asked if I would consider being put forward to attend the conference on behalf of the East Midlands Branch of the MA by the marvellous Rob Smith, the Branch Liaison Officer and member of the Branches Committee, and after the application process I was chosen to attend as a guest..." Carry on reading here.

Officers and Standing Committee

Chair: Cindy Hamill  | Secretary: Elizabeth Glaister  |  Treasurer: Dave Pountney

Local Contacts

Elgin - Bill Richardson  |  Telford - Keith Cadman