The MA is run by members for members from its headquarters in Leicester and is managed by a Council of around 20 MA members. Its aim is to conduct the business of the Association in accordance with the Articles of Association. The Council consists of the President, the Immediate Past President, the President Designate, the Chair of Council, the Secretary, the Treasurer, the chair of each of the Committees listed below and seven members without office.


President: Dr Colin Foster

Immediate Past President: Dr Chris Pritchard

President Designate:  Prof Nira Chamberlain

Past Presidents    |    Presidential Addresses


Chair of Council: Tom Roper
Secretary: Dr Paul Harris
Treasurer: Vacant

Standing Committee of Council

The Standing Committee has the power to act on behalf of the Association except in such matters as are reserved to the Directors, the Council or a General Meeting, and it shall report any such action to the Council not later than its next meeting. The Company Secretary, if not already a member of the Committee, will attend meetings but will have no voting rights.

Chair: Tom Roper
Secretary: Dr Paul Harris
Treasurer: David Miles

President: Dr Colin Foster
Immediate Past President: Dr Chris Pritchard
Member-without-Office:  Cherri Moseley

Company Secretary: Bill Richardson


Branches Committee

The Committee exists to encourage and support the activities of the Branches. For details of MA branches, visit the Branches section.

Chair: Cindy Hamill

Secretary: Elizabeth Glaister (Meridian)

Treasurer: Dave Pountney

Youth Activities: David Myers (Durham)


Teaching Committee

The purpose of Teaching Committee is:

- to keep under review matters concerning the teaching and learning of mathematics and to address matters of potential future importance;

- to advise the Council on response and representation by the Association to outside bodies on matters which affect the teaching and learning of mathematics;

- to initiate, in collaboration with other Committees of the Association, the dissemination of its findings through publications, conferences, meetings and other appropriate means.

Teaching Committee has two sub-committees:
Primary (joint with ATM), Secondary 11-18 

Chair: David Miles

Secretary: Charlotte Hawthorne 

Treasurer: Andrew Coley

Advisory Group
Jennie Golding (Institute of Education, London), Lynne McClure (Cambridge Maths Director), Peter Thomas (Hills Road Sixth Form College, Cambridge)



The Board manages the publication of the Association's journals.

Editor-in-Chief: Ed Southall


Conference Committee

The Committee organises the Annual Conference and other conferences.

Chair: Dr Andy Kemp


Professional Development Committee

The committee exists to promote the professional development of teachers of mathematics.

Chair: Sue Southward


Publications Committee

The Committee manages the publications of the Association.

Chair: Jill Trinder


Membership Committee

The Committee exists to promote membership of the Association.

Chair: Jemma Sherwood


Publicity and Media Committee

The aim of the Publicity and Media Committee is to oversee all aspects of publicity for the MA, to be responsible for the MA website and the use of social media, and to advise Council on all such matters.

Chair: Jo Morgan

If you would like to contact any members of Council, please email the Executive Officer, Sandi Atkinson in the first instance who will be able to connect you with the best person for your enquiry.