Honorary Members

From time to time The Mathematical Association awards Honorary Memberships.  This category of membership is awarded only by the Council.  It might be conferred on any person who has made a distinguished contribution to mathematical education or who has provided outstanding service to the Association.  

Current Honorary Members

  1. Professor Adam Clark McBride, awarded in 2018 (Past President in 2004)

  2. Professor John Horton Conway, awarded in 2017

  3. Professor Hugh Burkhardt, awarded in 2017

  4. Dr Simon Lehna Singh, awarded in 2016

  5. Professor Dame Celia Hoyles, awarded in 2016

  6. Professor Ian Nicholas Stewart, awarded in 2014

  7. Professor Margaret L Brown, awarded in 2009 (Past President in 1990)

  8. Professor A Geoffrey Howson, awarded in 2002 (Past President 1988)

  9. Professor Sir Bryan Thwaites, awarded 1972 AGM

Past Honorary Members

In 1882 there were 12 Honorary Memberships awarded: the full list can be viewed here.