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The Mathematical GazetteThe Mathematical Gazette is one of the leading journals in its field, publishing important and influential articles  about the teaching and learning of mathematics.  

It also features fascinating expositions of attractive areas of mathematics, book reviews, and a teasing problem  corner.  

Its readership spans the globe and includes school teachers, college and university lecturers, students,  educationalists and others with an interest in mathematics.




Mathematical Association 150th Anniversary Article Collection

The free-to-view articles in this special anniversary collection have been chosen to illustrate a diversity of topics in pure and applied mathematics, ranging from the history of mathematics to pedagogy, from geometry to problem solving, and from sport to knitting. Several feature in the list of the most popular Gazette downloads from Cambridge Core. The authors include some of the most celebrated mathematicians of our time and four are past Presidents of the Association.

It is to be hoped that these will provide a taste of the breadth of material which has made The Mathematical Gazette a point of reference in good writing about mathematics for the last 127 years and a jewel in the crown of the 150 year old Mathematical Association.

What you can expect in each issue:

Articles – each of six pages or more in length, covering a wide range of topics.

Notes - these are shorter than articles and cover a wide range of topics.

Problem Corner – problems are set and readers are encouraged to solve them. Solutions to previous problems are  included alongside credit.

Student Problem Corner – contains problems for upper secondary school pupils.

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Editorial Committee

Editor: Gerry Leversha (editorial matters only)

Production Editor: Bill Richardson

The Editorial Committee welcome articles from contributors. Please read the guidelines for authors submitting articles to The Mathematical Gazette.

Books for review should be submitted to the Reviews Editor, Owen Toller.

Advertising enquiries should be addressed to The Advertising Manager

Presidential Addresses from The Mathematical Gazette

The MA is very proud of its history and particularly that of the people who have been the Presidents since 1871

A full list of past Presidents can be found here

Gazette Index

The Gazette production team has created an index for the years 1894 to 2019, covering issues 1 to 558. Click here to access the list

Student Problem Corner

This is a popular feature of The Mathematical Gazette, in which students at British schools are invited to tackle two problems in each issue.  Note that you can only submit solutions through your school or college. 

Download the Student Problem Corner Consent Form here.

Student Problem Corner material:

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