Mathematics in School is one of the flagship journals of The Mathematical Association. It is aimed mainly at teachers of school and college pupils of 10 to 18 years of age and for those working with students who are preparing to enter the teaching profession. The editors attempt to attain a balance of articles, puzzles and classroom activities reflecting the interests of the readership. We take the opportunity to stimulate – and even amuse – otherwise hard-pressed and very busy teachers.

Contributions to Mathematics in School are written by teachers of mathematics for teachers of mathematics. The editors are always very keen to welcome new authors. We invite you to submit your favourite activity – maybe it’s a short starter for a topic or a Friday afternoon puzzle session. If it works for you it will work for other teachers too. An article can often take shape after a discussion of a good lesson or successful classroom activity with colleagues. Sharing your experiences with other teachers through the Journal will often prompt other teachers to offer associated ideas or their own take on things. Rarely, the reception is negative and invokes a counter contribution, one which aims to bring elucidation. The editors of the journal, Chris Pritchard and John Berry, would be pleased to accept early drafts of articles and support new authors in developing their manuscript towards the finished article.

Please submit all contributions to either Chris at or John at To have a book reviewed, please contact Grant Macleod at and to place an advertisement, get in touch with Janet Powell at

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Archived MiS Articles

Mathematics in School was first published in the autumn of 1971 and is now at Volume 45.

The Editors have selected well over a hundred articles - in fact, three articles per volume from Volumes 1 to 39 and made them available in the Members Area.

Amongst them you will find contributions from mathematicians such as Sir Christopher Zeeman, Ian Stewart and John Rigby, from the populariser of mathematics, Simon Singh, and from a large number of significant figures in mathematics education, including Zoltan Dienes, Warwick Sawyer, Anita Straker, Geoffrey Howson, Joe Watson, Dietmar Küchemann, Kath Hart, Tony Gardiner and Paul Andrews.