Created by The Mathematical Association, the Primary Mathematics Challenge (PMC) is a fun and exciting mathematical challenge aimed at pupils aged 9 - 11 years old.

Open to schools and home-schooled pupils only, we regret that the PMC is not open to individuals or tutoring groups outside of school. To find out more please check our FAQs.

The PMC is not designed to be just another test in the school year.  We are of the belief that the PMC encourages enthusiasmboosts confidence in mathematics and shows the different way questions can be asked. We believe in the importance of problem solving as a means of helping pupils develop their reasoning skills.

“A very well organised competition, easy to access and administer...a wonderful opportunity to extend and challenge our most able mathematicians.”

Designed to make pupils think outside the box, PMC questions can create a great starting point and lead to discussions later in the year. We try to make sure the questions are not heavily reliant on formal mathematical knowledge but can be solved by logical reasoning.

Challenge Your Pupils Book Bundle

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Created to support children through the PMC.