The Chartered Mathematics Teacher (CMathTeach) designation

Why would CMathTeach be useful to me?

You'll know that you've been accredited as an unusually effective and knowledgeable teacher of mathematics by a highly experienced panel, and will enjoy a status benchmarked with that of e.g. a Chartered Engineer. We expect this to become increasingly sought after and valued in terms of career progression, especially with the introduction of a College of Teaching, and to be recognised both within and beyond your educational establishment. Over time, we hope the designation will become the first ‘desirable characteristic’ sought by those looking to employ a new Head of Mathematics or Mathematics coordinator.

Is CMathTeach for me?

The CMathTeach designation is open to any teacher of mathematics (in any education institution) who is a member of the MA or another Registration Authority body, and also satisfies the requirements in the following four areas:

  • Pedagogy
  • Mathematics
  • Experience
  • Continuing Professional Development

You must in general have a Master-level qualification in pedagogy/education, or equivalent, and must have an honours level qualification in which there is a minimum of 50% of the course in mathematics, or equivalent. There are now successful registrants in all sectors of education, and if you’re not convinced about the equivalence of your background we can give you support by suggesting possible routes forward. You’ll need at least 4 years of experience post-QTS or QTLS, at least two of which are with an appropriate additional responsibility, and to give the names of two referees who can vouch for your subject-specific professional effectiveness. As an effective teacher of mathematics, you'll be able to demonstrate active participation in a minimum of 20 hours of subject-specific professional development each year, and will maintain that throughout your designation.

Where can I find out more?

If you have any further queries, email who will forward your query to a member of the RA if necessary, or further details can be found on the Cmath Teach website here. Application forms should then be sent by post or email to

Cmath Teach Application Downloads

How to Apply [pdf 22kb]

Requirements [pdf 42kb]

Code of Conduct [pdf 23kb]

Declaration and Payment Form [Word 83kb]

Applicant Information Form [Word 76kb]

Competences Form [Word 67kb]

Pedagogical Competences Form [Word 44kb]

Mathematical Competences Form [Word 44kb]

Application Check List [Word 34kb]

CMathTeach Registrant CPD Record Form [Word 63kb]

The small print

CMathTeach is incorporated within the Royal Charter of the IMA and is awarded by the Chartered Mathematics Teacher Registration Authority, on which the MA has 3 members. Other members of the Authority are nominated by ATM, by NANAMIC, and by the IMA. CMathTeach has a similar status to that of a Chartered Engineer, Chartered Mathematician, etc., and we anticipate will become increasingly important with the introduction of a College of Teaching.

The Chartered Mathematics Teacher (CMathTeach) designation accredits the combination of effective teaching skills and deep mathematics knowledge that is necessary for a professional teacher to support and challenge the development of young people as confident and effective participants in mathematics at an appropriate level.

CMathTeach in the Press

The Chartered Mathematics Teacher designation featured in the Guardian in January 2010.

Maths teachers gain new status -


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