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The MA is an accredited NCETM mathematics CPD provider.


Future Events

The Symbols and the Symbolised

We can be lured into thinking that the symbols we use in mathematics are the mathematics itself.

11 June 2020

2020 Joint Branch event


30 April 2020

A Joint Mathematics Conference 2020

Exploration and Insights

14 April 2020 - 16 April 2020

How often do curves meet?

If you take an equation involving variables x and y, you can draw a graph of its solutions: they form a plane curve. If you have two such equations, you have two curves, and you can ask how many .....

1 April 2020

Mathematical Reasoning, Justification and Proof

In this workshop Charlie Gilderdale from NRICH will select some of his favourite problems and show how they can be used to introduce students to mathematical reasoning ....

28 March 2020

Putting the magic back in mathematics

A One-day primary PD event

14 March 2020

NRICH: Maximising the potential of our rich mathematical resources in your classroom

In this highly practical session, members of the NRICH team will introduce some of their latest rich mathematical resources alongside classroom practitioners who will share their insights into maximis

11 February 2020

Misconceptions about Misconceptions

ATM/MA Birmingham Branch Event

8 February 2020

Escher's Horses

2020 branch event

5 February 2020

Variation Theory

Participants will share their experiences of Variation.

1 February 2020



28 January 2020

Past Events

What do The Rosetta Stone, Maths and Magic all have in common?

The Rosetta Stone changed our understanding of Ancient Egypt completely. But what could it possibly have to do with maths, and specifically how children learn it?

25 January 2020

Visible Maths Pedagogy

The Visible Maths Pedagogy participatory action research project is a collaboration between Alba Fejzo and Tiago Carvalho and Dr. Pete Wright

25 January 2020

Christmas Lecture


12 December 2019

The YBMA Famous Christmas Quiz

The Christmas Quiz

3 December 2019

The Room in the Elephant

Suitable for students in Y9-Y13, this is a talk about many aspects of area, but not the aspects found in textbooks!

3 December 2019

The importance of multiple interpretations

This session will highlight the importance of having multiple ways of making sense of a mathematical idea, and explore some particular mathematical ideas.

28 November 2019

Bridging the Gap with Manipulatives

Looking at the use of manipulatives at KS2 & KS3/4

25 November 2019

Classroom resources and research on Global Citizenship and Mathematics

The aim of this meeting is to bring educators from around South Yorkshire together to share ideas and challenge thinking on how mathematics can transform lives in people of different ages.

20 November 2019

Making sense of school algebra and pre-algebra

Algebradabra is a recently published book that aims to take a fresh look at school algebra. The tasks are intended to help students make sense of school algebra

16 November 2019

Collaborative Lesson Research: What can we learn from Japanese models of professional development?

The Collaborative Lesson Research CLR is an independent group of educators with an objective to improve student learning and teaching practices through collaborative action research in classrooms.

7 November 2019

Spring 2019 Conferences

Discussion given by Abisoye Akinpelu ATM Mick Blaylock MA

2 November 2019

Is there such a thing as a fair voting system?

In this talk, MA President Ems Lord will explore the ways in which mathematicians make positive contributions towards our communities.

25 September 2019

Maths on the Back of an Envelope

The convenience and speed of calculators has led us to believe that a number is only right when it is quoted to several decimal places. But maths is not always about getting precisely the right answer

21 September 2019



17 September 2019



17 September 2019

Birmingham Branch Event - A Favourite Lesson

A favourite lesson

11 July 2019

Supporting Low Attaining Students - Equals Online

Equals online is a free magazine designed to support and inspire practitioners that work with students who find learning mathematics challenging.

29 June 2019

Back of an Envelope Maths - How would you teach this?

This session will also include a meeting of the MA Teaching Committee, which plays an important role by giving a voice to teachers

29 June 2019

The symbols and the symbolised

We can be lured into thinking that the symbols we use in mathematics are the mathematics itself. Suitable for teachers of mathematics from upper primary or secondary schools.

26 June 2019

LivMS Presidential Lecture

Some things you might need to know when applying to do maths at university

20 June 2019

Every classroom has a mix of attainments and future potentials.

Mike is passionate about making mathematics accessible, interesting and enjoyable to those he teaches so prepare for a hands on session to end the year!

10 June 2019

Maths Mashup

Members of the YBMA have ten minute slots to show some mathematics that they find particularly interesting.

8 June 2019

Using Heuristics in Teaching for Mastery, problem solving

Looking at some problems and some teaching contexts where heuristics have been used to develop deeper mathematical understanding.

18 May 2019

An A Level Further Maths Special with Jonny Griffiths

This session will entail Jonny Griffiths leading us through a selection of his latest Risps Rich Starting Points

11 May 2019

To Infinity and Beyond

W P Milne Lecture for Sixth Formers

3 April 2019

Variation Theory – dispelling the myths

Variation theory is much talked about and often misunderstood. Come and discuss what it is and ways of incorporating it into classroom practice.

19 March 2019


MEDIAN is a large collection of classroom tasks that promote thinking and sense-making.

16 March 2019

Annual Problem Drive

Solving problems the fun way. Prizes for participants with the highest scores.

4 March 2019

Pop Maths Quiz

The Pop Maths Quiz is a TEAM competition that runs a bit like a pub quiz but without any alcohol!

2 March 2019

Are women safer drivers? Are Saudi Arabia women safe drivers?

Pricing car insurance is a complex mathematical problem; it accounts for the likelihood of having a future accident/claim.

13 February 2019


In early 2018, Dietmar started posting sets of algebra tasks on Twitter to help students make sense of school algebra by focussing on structure and the ‘purpose and utility' of algebra.

6 February 2019

Shanghai Maths

Our presenters will talk about the planning, teaching and curriculum in Shanghai and getting us to do some Shanghai mathematics!

24 January 2019

Topics in Depth / Asking Better Questions

Two 1 hour workshops, the first looking at the topic of Indices, the second looking at how teachers can ask deeper questions to enable teachers to uncover misconceptions.

19 January 2019

Enigma and the Secret World of Code Breaking

CHRISTMAS LECTURE sponsored by Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Liverpool

13 December 2018

Our Famous Christmas Quiz!

Seasonal refreshments and prizes for all!

4 December 2018

The Room in the Elephant

Suitable for students in Y9-Y13, this is a talk about many aspects of area, but not the aspects found in textbooks!

4 December 2018

Every class is a mixed attainment class

We are thrilled to welcome Mike Ollerton back down to London. As always you are guaranteed to come away from one of Mike's sessions having thought deeply about many areas of mathematics.

24 November 2018

Research round-up

A repeat of our very popular session last year in which local teachers and researchers invite us to share, question and comment on the findings of their latest research.

15 November 2018

Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract

Looking at how a Concrete Pictorial Abstract approach can be used to support and challenge school students of all ages.

18 October 2018

A Lesson Without Opportunity To Generalise Mathematically, Is Not A Mathematics Lesson

John Mason invites participants to consider that a lesson without opportunity to generalise mathematically, is not a Mathematics Lesson.

15 October 2018

Computing the Future

Quantum computing is the new buzzword -- Richard Pinch has been looking into what computers will look like after quantum tech arrives and what newer ideas are still on the drawing board.

11 October 2018

Developing mathematical fluency through 'Etudes'

For our first session of the year, we are thrilled to welcome Colin Foster, Associate Professor of Education and Director of Research in the School of Education at the University of Leicester.

6 October 2018

Numbers of Formats of Numbers

Suitable for primary and secondary teachers of mathematics.

26 September 2018

Practising Mathematics - Developing the Mathematician as Well as the Mathematics

Practising Mathematics offers a wide selection of ideas for practising the content of the upper primary and secondary mathematics curriculum.

30 June 2018

Mathematical Games Extravaganza

Join us for a Mathematical Games Extravaganza led by the Cambridge Maths team

14 June 2018

A story of Mathematics told through my stamp collection

A chance to have a look at some of Jane Turnball's stamp and other related philatelic items collection which tells a history of mathematics.

9 June 2018

Ideas on how to develop P4C in mathematics

Exciting opportunity to bring educators from around South Yorkshire together to share ideas and challenge thinking on how mathematics can transform lives in people of different ages.

23 May 2018

Annual Conference 2018 joins with BCME-9

MA Annual Conference 2018 joins with British Congress of Mathematics Education for BCME9

3 April 2018 - 6 April 2018

Do You Teach Maths?

A local Teach Meet for anyone who teaches maths: primary, secondary, post-16

22 March 2018

W P Milne Lecture for Sixth Formers: Are large databases good for your health?

The big increase in computing power over recent years has made it possible to routinely record large volumes of information about our daily lives and especially our health.

21 March 2018

Enriching the teaching of A level mathematics: a study day for teachers.

A study day for teachers made up of morning and afternoon sessions

10 March 2018

Tried and Tested

The speaker will be bringing some resources she uses in the classroom and then we're asking everyone to share some resources that they have created/adapted.

10 March 2018

Annual Problem Drive

Part of the programme for the academic year 2017-18

7 March 2018

Encouraging Curiosity in Mathematics

Nrich is producing new resources that will encourage curiosity in mathematics.

3 March 2018

Why do pigs and boomerangs fly?

Jonathan demystifies gyroscopes and rotational dynamics, showing why pigs and boomerangs fly in circles. An interactive session with counter intuitive demos

1 March 2018

East Midlands MA/ATM Branch Session

The presenter for this session will be Don Steward

24 February 2018

Adventures in Shape & Space

In this talk, Tom Roper considers how other subjects make use of shape and space.

22 February 2018

Practising Mathematics

‘Practice makes perfect' – well it is not that simple; yet students do need to practise skills within each topic they learn – developing fluency is an important part of mathematics education.

10 February 2018

Taxi-cab Geometry

Part of the programme for the academic year 2017-18

23 January 2018

The Fluid Dynamics of Chocolate Fountains

Part of the LivMS Popular Lectures Programme 2017-18

18 December 2017

Geometric Reasoning at KS3

If you are concerned about getting your students to grade 5 or indeed grade 9, then you will know that getting them reasoning as early as possible is the answer.

9 December 2017

Binary Investigations

Part of the programme for the Academic Year 2017-18

5 December 2017

The 6th Annual Primary Mathematics PD Day

Problem Solving and Reasoning

11 November 2017

What's Missing?


11 November 2017

Consistency of Imagery

Hands-on session; Caroline Ainsworth will explore and demonstrate the ways in which she uses Cuisenaire Rods as a consistent image to develop children's understanding of the structure of mathematics.

1 November 2017

Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?......

2016 saw the RHS Chelsea Flower Show feature a Mathematics Garden and whilst I didn't go and see it, the articles about it that I read caused me to explore a little.

11 October 2017

Driving is a risky business!

Driving is a risky business! LivMS Popular Lectures Programme 2017-18

11 October 2017

Arithmetricks Workshop

According to a statistic that I just made up, only 1% of school leavers can square the number 29 in their head. Well why would they need to? They have a calculator to do that.

7 October 2017

Bar Modelling

This practical session covers how bar modelling can be a powerful tool for revealing the structure of problems.

7 October 2017

Scaling New Heights to Master Multiplication

Participants will be invited to work on tasks which focus on scaling, because it is the core idea behind multiplication the sooner children encounter scaling, the better.

5 October 2017

The 12th MA Conference for Teachers of Secondary Mathematics

Keynote Speaker Tom Roper

30 September 2017

Maths Rocks - some surprising applications for the Queen of Sciences

Part of the programme for the Academic Year 2017–18

27 September 2017

Doing Maths: Learning through Activity

London Branch Annual Conference

8 July 2017

Praying souls out of purgatory: ratio and proportion in the mathematics classroom

A short historical introduction; intriguing problems; paired work; making an old mathematical instrument based on ratio and some geometry;

21 June 2017

Do you teach maths?

A local teach meet for anyone who teaches maths - primary, secondary, post-16.

15 June 2017

My favourite lesson: primary and secondary

This session will be a sharing of one of our favourite lessons. Gary is a primary maths coordinator and SLE, and Ben is a secondary mathematics teacher and blogger

15 June 2017

More Ideas for Teaching Area

Following the publication of Chris's book 'A Square Peg in a Round Hole', the search for further ideas in teaching area goes on.

10 June 2017

Designing Tasks

Mike will look at designing tasks which fit certain criteria.

20 May 2017

Annual Conference 2017

Common Denominators: connections within and beyond mathematics

7 April 2017 - 9 April 2017

How to Solve Equations.

What strategies do mathematicians use to solve equations?

29 March 2017

Prime Numbers

Dr Vicky Neale presenting

23 March 2017

Myths around Mastery - Maintaining Magical Moments in Maths

A local Teach Meet for anyone who teaches maths: primary, secondary, post 16.

22 March 2017

The Underground Maths Programme

Underground Mathematics provides free web-based resources that support the teaching and learning of post-16 mathematics.

18 March 2017

From arithmetic to modern cryptography: a guided tour.

Since the beginning of time, people have wanted to be able to communicate in a way that prevents anyone besides the intended recipient from reading the message.

16 March 2017

Binary Problems and Investigations

Binary numbers and their kin turn up in a variety of situations in elementary mathematics.

15 March 2017

Annual Problem Drive

This is a branch event and all are welcome.

13 March 2017

The Symbols and the symbolised

We can be lured into thinking that the symbols we use in mathematics are the mathematics itself.

11 March 2017

Problem Solving - so what is new?

How to develop problem solving strategies in the classroom by developing the teachers and supporting them with PD and resources.

11 March 2017

Words and their wonderful ways.

Peter has a variety of informative and entertaining topics which he can focus his session on.

11 March 2017

Measuring the Unmeasurable

Measurement is an essential part of the modern world.

9 February 2017

Learning from Young Mathematicians

One of the great joys of teaching mathematics is what we can learn from those we ‘teach'. Join me in exploring some intriguing, humbling and sometimes wacky lessons from my own students.

8 February 2017

A whistle stop tour of ideas!

Come and try out a variety of activities designed to engage pupils in their learning,

4 February 2017

Teaching mathematics for social justice

How can learning mathematics help bring about a fairer society? How might a focus on equity effect the way we teach mathematics?

4 February 2017

Islamic tilings and their symmetries

Decorative art in the Islamic world often takes the form of geometric patterns that exhibit interesting symmetries.

2 February 2017

Games and Algebra

This is a local branch event and all are welcome.

24 January 2017

The 2016 CHRISTMAS LECTURE: Patterns and Predictions

This talk starts with some seductively obvious patterns that seem successfully to predict the future, but then goes on to show that not all patterns are trustworthy.

19 December 2016

Task Design incorporating Variation-Pedagogy.

Participants will be invited to engage in some mathematical tasks and then to consider the pedagogic choices in their design, and implications for their use in classrooms.

10 December 2016

Christmas Quiz and Buffet

A sociable evening of brain-frazzling questions, quirky mathematical prizes, seasonal food and drink.

1 December 2016

Masterclass maths for all!

Fun masterclass maths for primary and secondary teachers, with lots of ideas for the end of term lessons.

1 December 2016

Binary Investigations

This is a branch event and all are welcome.

1 December 2016

Post-Modern Cryptography


17 November 2016

Inspiring Primary Mathematics

Possibly the best Primary Professional Development Day for the fifth year running!

12 November 2016

Developing problem solving and fluency

Dr Ray Huntley will lead this event.

12 November 2016

Problem Solving with Paper Folding

In delivering a curriculum with an emphasis on problem solving, creativity and developing robus knowledge and technical skills, paper folding offers a practical solution.

12 November 2016

Popular Lecture

'Maths, Pigs, Chickens and Criminals'

10 November 2016

A story of Mathematics told through postage stamps

A chance to follow the history of mathematics from prehistoric times to the modern day illustrated with postage stamps from around the world.

8 November 2016

Inspiring Mechanics Teaching: a teaching Mechanics PD day

A one-day PD event for all those who will be involved in teaching mechanics in the sixth form from September 2017 onwards.

29 October 2016

The Retiring President's Talk “Counting in circles: my favourite problem”

This problem makes an excellent resource for the classroom. It is very rich in mathematical ideas. I have used different versions of it for school pupils from Year 6 upwards....

4 October 2016

Using Risps with A level students.

For our session he will be working with us on some of the Rich Starting Points Risps developed for A level students. Some ideas of interest to those teaching KS4 and KS3

3 October 2016

Geometry Ancient and Modern

This is a branch event and all are welcome.

29 September 2016

Children as Mathematical Thinkers

Thinking is at the heart of Mathematics and so assessment of thinking is at the heart of assessment in Mathematics.

21 September 2016

The 11th MA Conference for Teachers of Secondary Mathematics

Keynote Speaker Jennie Golding

3 September 2016

ATM and MA London Branch Conference

This one day PD event is confirmed!

9 July 2016

My favourite lesson: primary and secondary

This session will be a sharing of each of our favourite lessons. Peter, primary, and Karen, secondary, teachers will share one of their favourite lessons.

23 June 2016

TOAST - Teachers Of Maths Associations Solving problems Together

Maths Jam on Toast. We would like people to bring a puzzle to share.

21 June 2016

So who uses mathematics?

This session will be designed to instil a lasting curiosity for mathematics, it will start by exploring the world using Google Earth.

15 June 2016

Cambridge Branch 2016 summer meeting

A local Teach Meet for anyone who teaches maths: primary, secondary, post 16.

14 June 2016

The Summer Meeting: 'Maths Mashup'

Members of the branch have 10 minute slots to show us some mathematics that they find particularly interesting.

11 June 2016

AGM and Presidential Lecture

The Presidential Lecture 'Mathematics for a Healthier and Safer Society' will follow the AGM

18 May 2016

Content vs Skill

The Mathematics Programmes of Study have the stated aims of developing fluency, mathematical reasoning and problem solving....

3 May 2016

2016 MA Annual Conference

Inspiring Teachers

1 April 2016 - 3 April 2016

Exeter Branch Spring Term Meeting

Stimulated by an article from MT247 the ATM journal by Anne Watson on the role of sequences in the National Curriculum

22 March 2016

Great ideas from the MA and ATM publications and why I like them!

MA and ATM have many excellent publications. I will focus on two from each association and invite you to engage in some of the activities included within

19 March 2016

Cambridge Branch Spring 2016 Joint Branch meeting

NRICH developments and the new Wildmaths Project

16 March 2016

East Midlands MA/ATM Branch Session

Joint MA/ATM East Midlands Branch meeting

12 March 2016

Sixth Form Pop Maths Quiz

Pop Maths Quiz for Sixth Formers

12 March 2016

Annual Problem Drive

The format will be the same as recent years.

8 March 2016

Professor Chris Budd OBE

Title and content tbc.

2 March 2016

Orbits: Mathematics Meets Music

Emily says: I'm a composer. I write music and I like to take inspiration for my music from mathematics....

10 February 2016

Games Theory: Were you "naughty" or "nice" this Christmas?

Paul Radley will tell us ‘why games theory tells us you should have been nice!’

26 January 2016

Game Theory

Game Theory with Martin Cox

20 January 2016

YBMA - Christmas Quiz and Buffet

Entertaining Christmas quiz and with a buffet too!

3 December 2015

Exeter Branch - Visiting Shanghai

Further details later

3 December 2015

Cambridge Branch Event

Talk and workshop event details to be confirmed

1 December 2015

Birmingham MA/ATM Branch session

A chance to find out what's different about maths teaching in Shanghai.

19 November 2015

Sending Secret Messages and Sending Correct Messages

Sending Secret Messages and Sending Correct Messages

19 November 2015

Meridian Branch - Reading Event

invitation to all teachers of mathematics, primary and secondary, to our fun, free session to celebrate...

14 November 2015 - 15 November 2015

East Midlands Branch - Teaching More by Teaching Less

Getting Learners to Make Use of Their Natural Powers

14 November 2015

Teaching More by Teaching Less; Getting Learners to Make Use of Their Natural Powers.

Teaching More by Teaching Less; Getting Learners to Make Use of Their Natural Powers.

12 November 2015

Primary Mathematics Professional Development Day

Mathematics mastery; a means to an end?

7 November 2015

YBMA - A Statistical Toolbox to help us understand climate and weather models

Advances in computing power means it's now possible to use statistics to unravel the complexity of weather and climate change.

3 November 2015

YBMA - Mathematical Greetings Cards and Envelopes

Straight lines can be use to create many interesting mathematical curves....

17 October 2015

Gloucester Branch - 'Fighting disease with mathematics'

How can mathematics be used to understand antibiotic resistance, track the dynamics of bacterial infections or even develop new drugs to tackle disease?

14 October 2015

Exeter Branch - Leading a 'Learning Conversation'

A social constructivist approach to using lesson observation as CPD

24 September 2015

Sussex Branch - Évariste Galois and the theory of equations

Évariste Galois died aged 20 in 1832, shot in a mysterious early morning duel in Paris....

24 September 2015

ATM/MA East Midlands Joint Branch - Notification of Annual General Meeting

The AGM will be followed by a committee meeting

16 September 2015

The 10th MA Conference for Teachers of Secondary Mathematics

Keynote Speaker Elizabeth Meenan - Around the world in 80 Tiles

5 September 2015

Cambridge MA/ATM Branch Meeting

Faculty of Education, Hills Road, Cambridge. 4.30 pm tea for 5 pm start

18 June 2015

Cambridge Branch Events Archive to June 2015

List of previous Cambridge events March 2014 to June 2015

26 March 2014 - 18 June 2015

East Midlands Branch - 'Aims of the new Curriculum'

Joint MA/ATM East Midlands Branch meeting

9 May 2015

Annual Conference Archive

Information on past Annual Conferences 2015 - 1999 is available here

6 April 1999 - 10 April 2015

Gloucester Branch - Exploring weather data from the Met Office

It's raining, it's pouring, are statistics falling?

18 March 2015

The MA Conference for Teachers of Secondary Mathematics Archive

Events archive 2011 to 2014

17 September 2011 - 6 September 2014

Yorkshire Branch - 'Art and Mathematics - oil and water?'

The connections between art and mathematics

14 June 2014

Exeter Branch - 'Less about the test, more about the maths'

How can we focus teaching, learning and assessment in maths onto developing mathematical understanding, reasoning and problem solving skills, rather than on learning how to answer exam questions?

13 March 2014

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