Future Events

Great mathematical diagrams
Yorkshire Branch Online Event

A journey through mathematical diagrams with Chris Pritchard

7 October 2021

Party Hard! The Mathematics of Connections
Liverpool Branch Online Event

We'll explore connections ranging from friendship, through marriage, to the spread of infectious diseases.

13 October 2021

Maths Careers - interesting jobs which use maths
Yorkshire Branch Online Event

This short talk will give you up to date information on maths careers

3 November 2021

Great Mathematical Diagrams - Chris Pritchard
Liverpool Branch Online Event

The talk is a journey through mathematical diagrams

18 November 2021

How to teach Mathematics: Understanding Learners' needs

How to teach Mathematics: Understanding Learners' needs with Steve Chinn

23 November 2021

“Christmas Quiz and Buffet!”
Yorkshire Branch Online Event

A sociable evening of brain-frazzling questions.

1 December 2021

Christmas Lecture - Fermat's Last Theorem - Simon Singh
Liverpool Branch Online Event

He is the author of many books including one on the topic of this lecture - Fermat's Last Theorem

15 December 2021

W P Milne Lecture for Sixth Formers
Yorkshire Branch Online Event

Dr James Cranch – University of Sheffield

30 March 2022