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Yorkshire Branch Past Events


Great mathematical diagrams
Yorkshire Branch Online Event

7 October 2021

Chris Pritchard - President, The Mathematical Association presents: Great mathematical diagrams

A journey through mathematical diagrams, some famed for their importance and longevity, some critical for the information they convey and many of them just plain clever. Join me for a look at a range of visual material from the Bride’s Chair of Euclid’s Elements to the Königsberg bridges and from Playfair’s pie chart to Anscombe’s salutary lesson, whilst also enjoying some proofs without words which could be deployed profitably in the classroom.

Date: Thursday 7th October

Time: 19:30

For the zoom link, please email: A.Slomson@leeds.ac.uk 

Maths Careers - interesting jobs which use maths
Yorkshire Branch Online Event

3 November 2021

Hazel Lewis – YBMA presents: Maths Careers - interesting jobs which use maths

A 15 minute talk by Hazel Lewis who is the writer for mathscareers.org.uk (run by the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications). This short talk will give you up to date information on maths careers and will particularly focus on advice which will be relevant for your A-Level mathematics students or for younger pupils who want to take mathematics further. There will also be a short Q and A session after the talk.

Date: 3rd November

Time: 19:30

For the Zoom link, please email: A.Slomson@leeds.ac.uk

“Christmas Quiz and Buffet!”
Yorkshire Branch Online Event

1 December 2021

Tim Devereux and Alan Slomson – YBMA present: “Christmas Quiz and Buffet!”

A sociable evening of brain-frazzling questions. As it is online this year you may have to provide your own seasonal food and drink, but you can enjoy it in good company! Cajole your colleagues to come and enjoy themselves too.

Date: 1st December

Time: 19:30

for the Zoom link please email: A.Slomson@leeds.ac.uk

W P Milne Lecture for Sixth Formers
Yorkshire Branch Online Event

30 March 2022

W P Milne Lecture for Sixth Formers - Dr James Cranch – University of Sheffield

How often do curves meet?
If you take an equation involving variables x and y, you can draw a graph of its solutions: they form a plane curve. If you have two such equations, you have two curves, and you can ask how many times they intersect each other.
I'll explain why counting these intersections is useful for a range of things: from understanding Pythagoras's equation a2 b2 = c2, to annoying people on the internet, to the cutting edge of mathematics.
I'll show a very simple formula, which happens to be wrong, and explain why it's a good idea to ignore the fact that it's wrong.

Date: 30th March 2022

Time: 14:30

Venue: TBC Either University of Leeds (Chemistry LT A (2.15) Or Online via Zoom.

For Zoom link, please email A.Slomson@leeds.ac.uk

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