Who We Are

Who are we?

Members of The Mathematical Association include teachers and other education professionals, mathematicians, students, parents, employers and others, largely in the UK but across the world. We are the oldest established subject association in the UK, having been founded in 1871 as the 'Association for the Improvement of Geometrical Teaching’.

What do we do?

The Mathematical Association exists to support and promote confidence and enjoyment in mathematics for all, and especially young people. We do this through interacting with teachers and others, including young people themselves, via our publications and resources, workshops, conferences, professional development provision, nation-wide branches, and interactions with the media. We work to influence mathematics education policy in evidence-based ways that support the development of a mathematically-enabled confident and interested population.

“(The MA) is about personal professional development, affirmation, values – challenge too, but support to develop that deep thinking that nurtures your long-term growth and enablement, that enables you to go back refreshed and keeps you committed.”

“Provision is at a high level: it’s really high quality and builds your subject knowledge so it’s deeper.... There’s also the smaller things you pick up or learn, but the difference is in building for the long-term and the big picture. I take away things I can use straight away and that really hook the kids - but also strategies for their sustained learning and positive attitude to maths.”

“Wonderfully supportive – you share both the challenges and the satisfactions.”

(Teachers, Easter 2016 conferences)

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