MA ATM London Branch Past Events

Visible Maths Pedagogy


The Visible Maths Pedagogy participatory action research project is a collaboration between Alba Fejzo and Tiago Carvalho and Dr. Pete Wright

25 January 2020

Making sense of school algebra and pre-algebra


Algebradabra is a recently published book that aims to take a fresh look at school algebra. The tasks are intended to help students make sense of school algebra

16 November 2019

Maths on the Back of an Envelope


The convenience and speed of calculators has led us to believe that a number is only right when it is quoted to several decimal places. But maths is not always about getting precisely the right answer

21 September 2019

Supporting Low Attaining Students - Equals Online


Equals online is a free magazine designed to support and inspire practitioners that work with students who find learning mathematics challenging.

29 June 2019

An A Level Further Maths Special with Jonny Griffiths


This session will entail Jonny Griffiths leading us through a selection of his latest Risps Rich Starting Points

11 May 2019



MEDIAN is a large collection of classroom tasks that promote thinking and sense-making.

16 March 2019

Topics in Depth / Asking Better Questions


Two 1 hour workshops, the first looking at the topic of Indices, the second looking at how teachers can ask deeper questions to enable teachers to uncover misconceptions.

19 January 2019

Every class is a mixed attainment class


We are thrilled to welcome Mike Ollerton back down to London. As always you are guaranteed to come away from one of Mike's sessions having thought deeply about many areas of mathematics.

24 November 2018

Developing mathematical fluency through 'Etudes'


For our first session of the year, we are thrilled to welcome Colin Foster, Associate Professor of Education and Director of Research in the School of Education at the University of Leicester.

6 October 2018

Encouraging Curiosity in Mathematics


Nrich is producing new resources that will encourage curiosity in mathematics.

3 March 2018

Geometric Reasoning at KS3


If you are concerned about getting your students to grade 5 or indeed grade 9, then you will know that getting them reasoning as early as possible is the answer.

9 December 2017

Arithmetricks Workshop


According to a statistic that I just made up, only 1% of school leavers can square the number 29 in their head. Well why would they need to? They have a calculator to do that.

7 October 2017

Doing Maths: Learning through Activity


London Branch Annual Conference

8 July 2017

Designing Tasks


Mike will look at designing tasks which fit certain criteria.

20 May 2017

The Underground Maths Programme


Underground Mathematics provides free web-based resources that support the teaching and learning of post-16 mathematics.

18 March 2017

Teaching mathematics for social justice


How can learning mathematics help bring about a fairer society? How might a focus on equity effect the way we teach mathematics?

4 February 2017

Task Design incorporating Variation-Pedagogy.


Participants will be invited to engage in some mathematical tasks and then to consider the pedagogic choices in their design, and implications for their use in classrooms.

10 December 2016

ATM and MA London Branch Conference


This one day PD event is confirmed!

9 July 2016