An A Level Further Maths Special with Jonny Griffiths

11 May 2019

Branch:  London

Title:   An A Level Further Maths Special with Jonny Griffiths

Summary:  This session will entail Jonny Griffiths leading us through a selection of his latest Risps. Here's his explanation: 

"Back in 2005, I began to write my Risps (short for Rich Starting Points) website, with the backing of the Gatsby Foundation. It took a year, and by the end of that time I’d posted forty pure investigative activities for A Level Maths. Since then, the site has gradually become popular, and that’s happened alongside a growing interest in using open tasks to teach mathematics at all levels. A couple of years ago, I took what seemed to me to be the obvious next step; how about a collection of risps for pure Further Maths A Level? It could be argued that Further Maths sees a larger percentage of teacher exposition than elsewhere, and yet FM students are often well-suited to self-study and tackling problems under their own steam. Over the next two years, I wrote Further Risps, and I’ve recently self-published that both as a hard copy book and as a pdf. I don’t stick to any particular syllabus, but any Further Maths teacher should find that the majority of the forty tasks here will be adaptable for their students’ situation. I hope during my workshop to encourage people to try a task from the collection, and then enter into a discussion about how such material can sensibly be integrated into an A Level course. I also hope to offer some tips on how a teacher might write open tasks of their own."

Presenter:  Jonny Griffiths

Date:   Saturday, 11 May 2019

Time:  10 to 12.30

Location: UCL Institute of Education, Elvin Hall, 20 Bedford Way, London WC1H 0AL

Door Charge:  The charge will be £10 cash to be collected on the door unless you have already attended an event this academic year and already paid your £10.  All sessions are free for teachers in their initial training year.

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Branch contact: Mark Horley