Why Join the MA?

The Mathematical Association welcomes everyone with an interest in, and enthusiasm for, mathematics including:

  • teachers in primary, secondary, further or higher education.
  • advisers or teacher educators.
  • inspectors.
  • practising mathematicians.
  • students and those who love mathematics, but whose main employment may lie elsewhere.

If you teach, we offer support to develop your mathematical knowledge throughout your career for your personal learning and enjoyment and to help inspire your students, through:

  • resources and publications.
  • professional development events.
  • conferences.
  • local branch meetings.
  • research: the MA has a library of rare mathematics books and networking in a community of like-minded professionals.

We also offer direct support for students through

  • publications.
  • competitions.
  • the Society of Young Mathematicians.

As an MA member you can influence policy and practice in teaching and learning, curriculum and assessment. The MA is regularly consulted on government initiatives and offers opportunities for members to contribute to responses, to join groups focusing on specific developments within mathematics education and to help develop policy and resources.

The MA Annual Conference and local branch activities bring together a wide cross-section of people with a common focus on mathematics and the teaching and learning of mathematics.

The MA is committed to forming collaborative links with other organisations and bodies in order to support all those involved in the teaching of mathematics.

For evidence of how MA activity might benefit you, your school and your students, see this report summarised here.

What the MA has done for me.

People often ask why they should join a professional association; what do they get out of it? Well read here what being an active member of the MA has done for one teacher.