Free resource to help pupils, students and parents who are at home.

Here are some mathematical resources that can be downloaded for free while many of you are studying at home. 

These will be changed twice a week.

We hope you enjoy these resources - keep doing some maths!

SYMmetryPlus - No.63

The Society of Young Mathematicians (SYMS) is a society for all young people who enjoy mathematics, whether they are in a primary or secondary school. Members are part of a national organisation which motivates and encourages young mathematicians.


Every term members receive the SYMS Newsletter - SYMmetryplus, which contains short articles, news, things to do, calculator hints, book reviews, games, puzzles and competitions. Members also receive termly copies of the journal Mathematical Pie. Again, Mathematical Pie contains interesting maths problems, puzzles and articles. SYMS encourages and supports mathematical activities for young mathematicians of all ages. Adults are very welcome to join SYMS.

SYMS members will receive SYMmetryplus and Mathematical Pie delivered direct to their homes.

All young people interested in mathematics should join The Society of Young Mathematicians NOW!

Click here for information on Mathematical Pie and here for information on SYMmetryplus.

SYMS membership rates

Full membership is open to all young mathematicians and runs from 1st September to the following 31st August. Members receive all 3 issues of the journals, whatever time of year they join. Membership is £10.99 per year or £14.99 if living outside the UK in Europe or £18.99 if living outside Europe.

Alternatively, you can download a SYMS Application Form.