SYMmetryplus is a bright, colourful and lively magazine containing articles, puzzles, problems and competitions for all those who enjoy their mathematics. It is aimed at pupils and students of all ages, but especially those from 14 to 18 years. It is published three times a year; spring, summer and autumn.

For further information about SYMmetryplus or to submit pictures or articles you would like to share, please contact the Editor: Peter Ransom

SYMmetryplus is sent to all members of the Society of Young Mathematicians


SYMminimetryplus: No. 1 March 2020

SYMminimetryplus: No. 2 June 2020

SYMminimetryplus: No. 3 October 2020

SYMminmetryplus: No. 4 February 2021

SYMminmetryplus No 5. June 2021

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