Subcommittee 11-16


The 11-16 Subcommittee (Subcommittee 132) of Teaching Committee was established in July 2003 to address issues in 11-16 education and to provide resources to enhance the provision for this age group.


Joint Chairs: Steve Edwards (Sidney Stringer Academy, Coventry) and Oliver Thomson (Guildford High School)

Secretary: Sue Forrest (The Piggott School, Wargrave, Berkshire)


Emma Cooke, Sidney Stringer Academy, Coventry

Will Forse, Guildford High School

Oliver Gray, Dallam School

Jon Ingram, St. Edward’s, Oxford

Mary Ledwick, Retired secondary mathematics teacher

Alison Parish, Independent Maths Consultant


The subcommittee organises an 11-16 Open Meeting at the MA Annual Conference for the discussion of issues related to 11-16 education. All conference delegates are welcome to attend. Individual members of the subcommittee also tend to provide some of the sessions at the Conference.

The subcommittee monitors government initiatives and helps to formulate the MA’s responses as well as developing resources for publication or for the MA website.


The subcommittee generally meets once a term at MA Headquarters in Leicester, in January, May/June and September.


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