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10 pairs of questions taken from 2018 assessments

Mel Muldowney, JustMaths and the MA Teaching Committee Chair, has compiled this Powerpoint presentation containing 10 pairs of questions taken from 2018 assessments. Can you identify whether they come from Key Stage 2 National Tests or from GCSEs?  You might like to show the presentation in a Department meeting to raise awareness of the level of demand in each phase.

Open the Powerpoint here.

Compiled by Mel Muldowney, JustMaths and Chair of the MA’s Teaching Committee


The Society of Young Mathematicians (SYMS)is a society for all young people who enjoy mathematics, whether they are in a primary or secondary school. Members are part of a national organisation which motivates and encourages young mathematicians.

See what is in a typical issue of SYMmetryplus by downloading the Summer 2013 issue as a pdf file.

Join SYMS now.

National STEM Learning Centre initiative and a new IMA

The National STEM Learning Centre has compiled an initial series of five collections containing teaching resources that complement a selection of interesting and informative articles found on the Maths Careers website. Each collection is designed to help teachers link a real-world idea or often overlooked career option to the mathematics national curriculum content behind them. Read more about the resources here.