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Annual One Day Conference for Teachers of Mathematics at the University of Stirling

5 October 2019

Save the Date to attend this highly successful mathematics conference, now in its 14th year!

The Mathematical Association’s 14th Annual One Day Conference for Teachers of Mathematics

Saturday, 5th October 2019

This brilliant day of professional development will take place on the beautiful campus of Stirling University.


Keynote Speaker Andrew Jeffrey

The programme will be supported with sessions from:-

* * Chris Smith * * Monica Kirson * * Adam McBride * * Charlie Gilderdale/Alison Kiddle * * Keith Curry * *

** Stuart Welsh * * Phil Moon * * Chris Pritchard * * Donald Smith * * Chris Sangwin * * Mike Smith * * Andrew Gallacher**

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13th Annual One Day Conference for Teachers of Secondary Mathematics

29 September 2018

A brilliant day for professional development took place at Stirling University!  Delegates thoroughly enjoyed the event.

Keynote Address: Maureen McKenna, OBE, Executive Director of Education, Glasgow City Council


Plenary and Session Downloads

Maureen McKenna - Download Plenary Slides Here

Chris Smith D) Mathlete's Fruit: The Benefits of Maths Competitions

Stuart Welsh F) A Research-informed model for teaching and learning Mathematics

Stuart Winning J) Completing Numeracy Units using SOLAR

Mike Smith M) A Mathemagical Mystery Tour: The Sequence ...Sequel!


The 12th MA Conference for Teachers of Secondary Mathematics

30 September 2017

The MA's very successful One-day Conference for Teachers of Secondary Mathematics returned to the Pathfoot Building at Stirling University on Saturday, 30th September 2017.  It was a great success.

Keynote Speaker -  Tom Roper - download Tom's presentation here.

Click to download the Programme


A) Lorna Harvey                   I) Monica Kirson

B) Andrew Gallacher           J) Stuart Winning - download Stuart's presentation here.

C) Linda Moon                     K) Charlie Gilderdale

D) Steven O'Hagan              L) George Connell

E) Rachael Horsman - download Rachael's presentation here.         

                                              M) Mike Smith

F) Stuart Welsh                   N) Craig Lowther

G) Phil Moon                       O) Adam McBride

 H) Donald Smith                 P) Chris Pritchard