Primary Mathematics is an A4 journal published by The Mathematical Association and written essentially by primary teachers for primary teachers and the content, which is often though not always themed, endeavours to blend ideas for classroom activities with articles about research, events and current news items relative to Primary Maths Education. There is also a reviews section for published titles and products.

Senior EditorRay Huntley  Editors: Ems Lord 


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Spring 2018  Key Stage 2 Mathematics Curriculum National Steps - One Step Forward or five Steps Back - by Mark Pepper

Summer 2018 Numeral Matters: do we think in bundles by Michael O Duill

Summer 2017 Models of Multiplication: unlock the power by Kuchemann and Hodgen

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The Editors are keen to include articles, short or long, from practising teachers. Every teacher has examples of things that went well in the classroom which could be shared with colleagues. If you have an idea, please contact the Editors and they will be happy to give any help you need to get it into publishable form. They are also keen to receive news of local events for inclusion.
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Primary Maths Challenge

Primary Mathematics Challenge

The PMC is a nationwide challenge for pupils who want to get involved in some interesting and stimulating mathematics. Aimed at the top 60% of pupils in Years 5 and 6 England and Wales, P6 and P7 in Scotland, and Years 6 and 7 in Northern Ireland, the PMC is taken by tens of thousands of children each year.