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Orbits and satellites

Applying the Conservation Laws
Conservation of linear motion
Elastic collisions in one dimension with simulation (Newtons Cradle)
Elastic collisions in one dimension with simulation (conservation of momentum in different inertial frames)
Elastic collisions in two dimensions

Periodic Motion Harmonic.html
Harmonic Motion with problems
Hooke's Law with simulation
Damped Harmonic Oscillator with simulation

Work and Energy ConsEnergy.html
Animation showing Conservation of Energy
Problems from Newton's Second Laws with friction
Lesson on Potential Energy
Conservation of mechanical energy and simulation

Rigid Bodies and Rotational Motion
Beam balance (Torque) and simulation
Torque puzzle with simluation
Static equilibrium Centre of gravity with simulation
Angular momentum Oscillating orbit with simulation
Conservation of Energy: Translations and Rotations Pool ball/Rail collision with simulation

Waves and Sound
Speed of Machines
Pulses on a rope, wave harmonies with simulation
Sound waves; Image voice prints with simulation
Sound waves; Sound harmonics with simulation
Measuring Sound Levels with simulation
Doppler Effect/Shock Waves with simulation
Standing Waves on a String (Sound of Shapes)

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