Post-16 Journal

The Mathematical Gazette is the theoretical journal of the Mathematical Association and has been published continuously since 1894. It is read by teachers and students in schools, academic mathematicians and educationalists in universities and enthusiasts for the subject. Since 1995 it has been published three times a year with a total of 576 pages.

The contributions are divided (rather loosely) into longer ‘articles’ and shorter ‘notes’, as well as ‘teaching notes’ which focus particularly on work in the classroom. There is an extensive reviews section and also two ‘problem corners’, one for school pupils and one for the general readership.

As a vague guide, the mathematical level is from GCSE through A level up to the first year of undergraduate studies, although there are many exceptions to this rule, particularly in Euclidean geometry which is hardly taught nowadays. It also carries articles on the history of mathematics, on the application of mathematics in the real world and of a cultural or biographical nature. Material which is useful in the classroom for enriching the syllabus is particularly encouraged. Although many of the contributions contain genuine original insights or even new results, the Gazette is not a research journal, and authors are discouraged from submitting papers written in a formal academic style which would not appeal to a broad readership.

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