MA ATM Birmingham Branch Past Events

The importance of multiple interpretations


This session will highlight the importance of having multiple ways of making sense of a mathematical idea, and explore some particular mathematical ideas.

28 November 2019

Birmingham Branch Event - A Favourite Lesson


A favourite lesson

11 July 2019

Shanghai Maths


Our presenters will talk about the planning, teaching and curriculum in Shanghai and getting us to do some Shanghai mathematics!

24 January 2019

Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract


Looking at how a Concrete Pictorial Abstract approach can be used to support and challenge school students of all ages.

18 October 2018

Practising Mathematics


‘Practice makes perfect' – well it is not that simple; yet students do need to practise skills within each topic they learn – developing fluency is an important part of mathematics education.

10 February 2018

Scaling New Heights to Master Multiplication


Participants will be invited to work on tasks which focus on scaling, because it is the core idea behind multiplication the sooner children encounter scaling, the better.

5 October 2017

My favourite lesson: primary and secondary


This session will be a sharing of one of our favourite lessons. Gary is a primary maths coordinator and SLE, and Ben is a secondary mathematics teacher and blogger

15 June 2017

The Symbols and the symbolised


We can be lured into thinking that the symbols we use in mathematics are the mathematics itself.

11 March 2017

Using Risps with A level students.


For our session he will be working with us on some of the Rich Starting Points Risps developed for A level students. Some ideas of interest to those teaching KS4 and KS3

3 October 2016

My favourite lesson: primary and secondary


This session will be a sharing of each of our favourite lessons. Peter, primary, and Karen, secondary, teachers will share one of their favourite lessons.

23 June 2016

Great ideas from the MA and ATM publications and why I like them!


MA and ATM have many excellent publications. I will focus on two from each association and invite you to engage in some of the activities included within

19 March 2016

Birmingham MA/ATM Branch session


A chance to find out what's different about maths teaching in Shanghai.

19 November 2015