What do The Rosetta Stone, Maths and Magic all have in common?


The Rosetta Stone changed our understanding of Ancient Egypt completely. But what could it possibly have to do with maths, and specifically how children learn it?

25 January 2020

The YBMA Famous Christmas Quiz


The Christmas Quiz

3 December 2019

Maths Mashup


Members of the YBMA have ten minute slots to show some mathematics that they find particularly interesting.

8 June 2019

To Infinity and Beyond


W P Milne Lecture for Sixth Formers

3 April 2019

A story of Mathematics told through my stamp collection


A chance to have a look at some of Jane Turnball's stamp and other related philatelic items collection which tells a history of mathematics.

9 June 2018

W P Milne Lecture for Sixth Formers: Are large databases good for your health?


The big increase in computing power over recent years has made it possible to routinely record large volumes of information about our daily lives and especially our health.

21 March 2018

Enriching the teaching of A level mathematics: a study day for teachers.


A study day for teachers made up of morning and afternoon sessions

10 March 2018

Christmas Quiz and Buffet


7 December 2017

Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?......


2016 saw the RHS Chelsea Flower Show feature a Mathematics Garden and whilst I didn't go and see it, the articles about it that I read caused me to explore a little.

11 October 2017

More Ideas for Teaching Area


Following the publication of Chris's book 'A Square Peg in a Round Hole', the search for further ideas in teaching area goes on.

10 June 2017

How to Solve Equations.


What strategies do mathematicians use to solve equations?

29 March 2017

Problem Solving - so what is new?


How to develop problem solving strategies in the classroom by developing the teachers and supporting them with PD and resources.

11 March 2017

Learning from Young Mathematicians


One of the great joys of teaching mathematics is what we can learn from those we ‘teach'. Join me in exploring some intriguing, humbling and sometimes wacky lessons from my own students.

8 February 2017

Christmas Quiz and Buffet


A sociable evening of brain-frazzling questions, quirky mathematical prizes, seasonal food and drink.

1 December 2016

A story of Mathematics told through postage stamps


A chance to follow the history of mathematics from prehistoric times to the modern day illustrated with postage stamps from around the world.

8 November 2016

The Retiring President's Talk “Counting in circles: my favourite problem”


This problem makes an excellent resource for the classroom. It is very rich in mathematical ideas. I have used different versions of it for school pupils from Year 6 upwards....

4 October 2016

The Summer Meeting: 'Maths Mashup'


Members of the branch have 10 minute slots to show us some mathematics that they find particularly interesting.

11 June 2016

YBMA - Christmas Quiz and Buffet


Entertaining Christmas quiz and with a buffet too!

3 December 2015

YBMA - A Statistical Toolbox to help us understand climate and weather models


Advances in computing power means it's now possible to use statistics to unravel the complexity of weather and climate change.

3 November 2015

YBMA - Mathematical Greetings Cards and Envelopes


Straight lines can be use to create many interesting mathematical curves....

17 October 2015

Yorkshire Branch - 'Art and Mathematics - oil and water?'


The connections between art and mathematics

14 June 2014