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Scientific calculator
Uses the Javascript eval() function to evaluate whatever expression you type in.

Graph Plotters en&module=tool/analysis/function.en&cmd=new
Function calculator
Applets used to illustrate various topics, including function plotter, root finder and derivative checker, options include interactively defining and applying parameters lang=en& module=tool/analysis/function.en
Function calculator module=tool/geometry/animtrace.en
Plot curves and surfaces in 2D and 3D, zoom, deform and/or rotate in all directions.


3D Graph Plotters
Uses technique of ray tracing to plot algebraic surfaces 9C4BEB78&lang=en&module=tool/geometry/vision4d.en
Animated 3D and 4D plotter

Geometry Collection
Java powered famous curves index UBCExamples/Animation/catenary.html
Catenary animation
A look at discrete and computational geometry from disparate sources including net clippings, lecture notes, programmes and problems.


Roots of Equations
Solving quadratic equation


Series Expansions and Sequence Summations V001N01/UBCExamples/Plot/calc.html
Maclaurin and Taylor expansions with graphs EA27E7E4&lang=en&module=tool/analysis/sigma.en
Sigma summation 

Simultaneous Equations and Matrix Operations
Linear equation solver
Linear equation solver
Basic matrix calculations
Matrix calculations
Matrix calculations

Ability to calculate integrals powered by mathmatica
Computes the length of a broken-line approximation to a given curve.
Computes the arc length of the graph of a function f specified over an interval
Computes the area of a figure made of rectangles which approximates the region under the given curve

Pure Mathematics Miscellany
Mathematical library including teaching and student materials and links to numerous sites
A collection of modules which can be used for teaching or studying calculus
Reverse polish notation complex number calculator
Comprehensive look at Fibonacci numbers and nature including things to do and further links
Primes search tool
Puzzle museum featuring practical or mechanical puzzles

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