Hooked on Mathematics: developing a scheme of work for KS2

28 May 2020

Hooked on Mathematics: developing a scheme of work for Key Stage 2

Dr Jenni Back

To launch her book “Hooked on Mathematics”, Jenni hosted webinar where she described the research behind it and the substance of her work with St Martin’s CE Primary School in Brighton.

The project, sustained for over 6 years and has involved collaborating with the staff and children at the school to develop a programme of study that is both enjoyable for teachers and children and delivers in terms of assessment outcomes.

The work draws on the quality free resources that are available from NRICH and CIMT (Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching) and adopts a structure for teaching combining problem solving with direct teaching so that the problem context becomes the ‘hook’ for motivating the children to tackle the skills and procedures required to solve it.  


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Please note the link in the presentation to the Vocabulary Booklet has since been taken down. You can download it below.

Download the Numeracy Vocabulary Booklet here or it can be found on the STEM website

Hooked on Mathematics by Jenni Back