Nominations for Council

Under rules adopted in 2001, elections will be held each year for the offices of Chair of Council, MA Secretary and MA Treasurer and for Chairs of committees.  The current officers are: -

Chair of Council – Tom Roper, eligible to stand for re-election.

MA Secretary – Dr Paul Harris, eligible to stand for re-election.

MA Treasurer – David Miles, eligible to stand for re-election.

Nominations are invited for any of the above offices, for the Chairs of Branches Committee, Conferences Committee, Professional Development Committee, Publicity and Media Committee, Publications Committee, Membership Committee, Teaching Committee and Editor in Chief.

Members may nominate others or may put their own names forward.

Nominations in writing should be accompanied by written confirmation of the candidate’s willingness to stand and a short (100-200 word) biography.  These should be addressed to the Executive Officer, The Mathematical Association, 259 London Road, Leicester LE2 3BE or emailed to 

In the event of there being more nominations than vacancies for any position(s) on Council, arrangements will be made for the appropriate form of voting.  Where necessary, ballot forms will be circulated with the next upcoming issue of MA News.

Current Council Members


Dr Chris Pritchard

Immediate Past President

Dr Hannah Fry

President Designate

Dr Colin Foster

Chair of Council

Tom Roper


Dr Paul Harris


David Miles

Representatives of Committees


Lucinda Hamill


Cherri Moseley

Professional Development

Sue Southward

Publicity & Media

Jo Morgan


Jill Trinder


Jemma Sherwood

Teaching Committee

Drew Foster

Editor in Chief

Bill Richardson

Members without Office

Elizabeth Glaister

Dr Gerry Leversha

Stella Dudzic

Ed Southall

Nick Wilson 

Bobby Seagull

Steve Abbott