Nominations for Council

We are seeking to fill several vacancies on our Council from 14th April 2022

Council meets quarterly in March, June, September and December of each year.

Nominations for election to any position on Council must be made in writing by two Members. Such nominations together with the nominee’s written consent and a short (100-200 word) biography.

These are to be addressed to: The Executive Officer, The Mathematical Association, 259 London Road, Leicester, LE2 3BE or emailed to The closing date for receiving vacancy nominations is 31st December 2021. 

In the event of there being more nominations than vacancies for any position(s) on Council, arrangements will be made for the appropriate form of voting.  Where necessary, ballot forms will be circulated with the next upcoming issue of MA News.

Nominations are invited for the following vacant roles:


• Advise Council on matters concerning the finances, property and insurance of the MA.

• Propose budgets within which committees, employees and others working on behalf of the MA may operate, and present these to the Council for approval.

• Ensure that annual accounts are prepared and submitted for independent examination, present these to the AGM for approval.

• The Treasurer shall also propose the independent examiners for the following year.

• Regularly monitor the income and expenditure of the MA, having special regard to any expenditure which falls outside the budgets approved by Council.

•  Attend Standing Committee, CUP meetings, the clearance meeting with the independent examiners and various other committee meetings when required.


Chair of Conferences Committee

• Clarify through the MA Council what type of conference to plan for, e.g. joint, face-to-face, online or other.

• Liaising with the Executive Officer to identify a venue and/or events coordinator.

• Chairing, with the Executive Officer, regular and sufficient Conferences committee meetings to facilitate conference planning.

• Collaborate with the conferences committee and MA headquarters staff on all matters relating to the annual conference, including programme, plenary  speakers and workshop leaders, sponsorship and advertising, social media and any other relevant tasks.

• Preparing Conferences Reports for all meetings of MA Council.



• Chair the annual meeting of the editorial board.

• Attend (and chair if necessary) meetings of journal editorial and/or production teams.

• Attend and report to MA Council meetings on behalf of the Editorial Board.

• Help with recruiting new members of editorial and production teams.

• Ensure that the journals are published on time.

• Liaise between the editors and external parties over the use of journal articles in publicity    and other promotional materials.

• To decide on whether MA copyrighted material can be used in other publications and    setting the conditions for the use of such material.


Chair of Teaching Committee

• Chairing meetings of Teaching Committee including the Open Meeting at the Annual Conference.

• Liaising with the Chairs of the subcommittees and collaborating with other committees of the MA.

• Representing Teaching Committee at Council and externally.

• Preparing reports for Council and MA News.

• Reviewing matters concerning the teaching and learning of mathematics and identifying, highlighting and addressing issues of concern.

• Producing position papers and leading the MA’s response to consultations from external bodies such as the Department for Education, Ofqual and Ofsted.


Member without office (x2)

Current Council Members


Dr Chris Pritchard

Immediate Past President

Dr Hannah Fry

President Designate

Dr Colin Foster

Chair of Council

Tom Roper


Dr Paul Harris


David Miles

Representatives of Committees


Lucinda Hamill


Cherri Moseley

Professional Development

Sue Southward

Publicity & Media

Jo Morgan


Jill Trinder


Jemma Sherwood

Teaching Committee

David Miles (acting)

Editor in Chief

Bill Richardson

Members without Office

Elizabeth Glaister

Dr Gerry Leversha

Stella Dudzic

Ed Southall

Nick Wilson 

Bobby Seagull

Steve Abbott