Guidelines for Authors

Guidelines for submission of articles to Primary Mathematics

Do you have something to share about primary mathematics? It could be some research you've carried out, a reflection on a teaching session or an aspect of pedagogy, musings on something you've read, an idea to try out... or something completely different.
Whatever you have to share, we'd like to hear from you.

Always include at the top of the article:


Author(s) names in full.

Spelling - Primary Mathematics uses British spelling, according to The Oxford Dictionary of English.

Illustrations, or suggestions for illustrations, are always welcome as PM needs to be visually, as well as professionally and academically, stimulating. All illustrations and copy should be supplied in digital form. Photographs that have been scanned or taken from a digital camera should be saved to a TIFF file: colour images should be saved in CMYK format; mono images should be saved as greyscale. The resolution of both colour and mono images should be roughly 300dpi. Line drawing scans should be saved in bitmap format at roughly 1000dpi. File size should not exceed 15mb. Figures need to fit into a single ( 85mm ) or double ( 180mm ) column and for any photograph to be considered as a possible front cover photo it must be 210mm wide x 260mm deep.

Files should be supplied in .doc format. Avoid sending as pdf files.

References in the body of the text are given as: (Field, 2004).

At the end of the article:

Full References

Field, R. 2004 Geometric Patterns from Islamic Art and Architecture, Tarquin Publications, Norfolk.

Jagger, J. 2005 "A Comment on the Teaching of Simultaneous Equations", Mathematics in School, 34, 1.

Correspondence: Please supply a postal address of your current institution and an e-mail address by which you can be contacted. If no institution address is supplied then a personal address can be provided but note this will not appear on the article.

Primary Mathematics, editor Ray Huntley