MA ATM Exeter Branch Past Events




17 September 2019

The symbols and the symbolised


We can be lured into thinking that the symbols we use in mathematics are the mathematics itself. Suitable for teachers of mathematics from upper primary or secondary schools.

26 June 2019



In early 2018, Dietmar started posting sets of algebra tasks on Twitter to help students make sense of school algebra by focussing on structure and the ‘purpose and utility' of algebra.

6 February 2019

Numbers of Formats of Numbers


Suitable for primary and secondary teachers of mathematics.

26 September 2018

Adventures in Shape & Space


In this talk, Tom Roper considers how other subjects make use of shape and space.

22 February 2018

Consistency of Imagery


Hands-on session; Caroline Ainsworth will explore and demonstrate the ways in which she uses Cuisenaire Rods as a consistent image to develop children's understanding of the structure of mathematics.

1 November 2017

Praying souls out of purgatory: ratio and proportion in the mathematics classroom


A short historical introduction; intriguing problems; paired work; making an old mathematical instrument based on ratio and some geometry;

21 June 2017

Binary Problems and Investigations


Binary numbers and their kin turn up in a variety of situations in elementary mathematics.

15 March 2017

Children as Mathematical Thinkers


Thinking is at the heart of Mathematics and so assessment of thinking is at the heart of assessment in Mathematics.

21 September 2016

Content vs Skill


The Mathematics Programmes of Study have the stated aims of developing fluency, mathematical reasoning and problem solving....

3 May 2016

Exeter Branch Spring Term Meeting


Stimulated by an article from MT247 the ATM journal by Anne Watson on the role of sequences in the National Curriculum

22 March 2016

Exeter Branch - Visiting Shanghai


Further details later

3 December 2015

Exeter Branch - Leading a 'Learning Conversation'


A social constructivist approach to using lesson observation as CPD

24 September 2015

Exeter Branch - 'Less about the test, more about the maths'


How can we focus teaching, learning and assessment in maths onto developing mathematical understanding, reasoning and problem solving skills, rather than on learning how to answer exam questions?

13 March 2014