Meetings and Presidential Addresses

The Mathematical Association Annual Meetings

The Association for the Improvement of Geometrical Teaching (AIGT) changed its name to The Mathematical Association (MA) in 1897.  The first Annual Meeting of the MA was in 1898.  Formal Presidential Addresses started with Professor G H Bryan in 1908. Normally Presidential Addresses were given at the end of each year of the term.  The MA Presidents list on the MA website gives the starting year of the term.  One-year terms started in 1934.  

A complete list of the Annual Meetings can be viewed here.


Read a selection of Presidential Addresses published in The Mathematical Gazette by clicking on the name(s) below.

2011-2012 Paul Andrews

2012-2013 Marcus Du Sautoy

2013-2014 Peter Ransom

2014-2015 Lynne McClure

2015-2016 Peter M Neumann

2016-2017 Jennie Golding

2017-2018 Tom Roper