The Association of Teachers of Mathematics and The Mathematical Association are proud to announce the first joint ATM/MA Maths Festival.

2018 ATMMA Maths Festival

15 September 2018

The Association of Teachers of Mathematics and The Mathematical Association are proud to announce the first joint ATM/MA Maths Festival. The festival will be hosted in partnership with the National STEM Learning Centre and The OR Society at the University of York on Saturday, 15 September 2018.

The festival will include an inspiring programme of events free to the public with lots of opportunities for the local community to get involved.  Our workshops, talks, and events are designed to make maths more engaging and enjoyable for children and their families.  We hope to break down the negative connotations associated with mathematics and demonstrate how fun and exciting maths can be.

Festival aims

  • To engage young people and their families in fun mathematical activities in order to combat the widely-held negative perception of mathematics and to promote positive attitudes towards mathematics.

  • To foster public engagement with mathematics.

  • To use mathematics as a vehicle to create a sense of community and bring people together.

    Book Your Free Ticket

    Book your free festival ticket online (via Eventbrite) and gain access to an exciting programme of activities and maths related entertainment, including Playing with Lego (run by the OR Society), fun with Origami,, a sticky and messy maths workshop, maths board games, interactive sessions and much more...

    Featured Presenters

    Andrew Jeffrey, Mathemagician 

    Andrew is an award-winning stage and close-up magician, and multi-award winning mind-reader and mentalist. Take part in The Magic of Maths show: With a range of effects suitable for Primary level, children are taken on a magical journey that subtly changes their attitude to mathematics.

    Additional booking is required for the Magic of Maths show (it's still free!). Spaces are limited. Slots available from 12:00-13:00 or 14:30-15:30.

    The OR Society, Play with Lego 

     Play with Lego: In this session we want you to make a table and chairs out of Lego (but don’t worry – we’ll provide the Lego for you)! Maybe you want to make the tables with square blocks and the chairs with rectangle blocks. Or maybe you want to use all square bricks for the tables but different colours. Work out how much they’ll cost, how much you can sell it for, and if you’ll end up making a profit or a loss.

    The Programme 

    Bubblz the Bubbly Maths Clown - Bubbly Maths entertainers perform maths shows in the UK and around the world, engaging audiences using mesmerising resources. The props? Magical soap bubbles and giant balloons. These are used to discover the maths & science of bubbles and to explore the mathematical fundamentals of shape and measurement.

    City of Zombies Board Game - City of Zombies is a fast, frantic and fun board game where players work together using dice rolling and maths-by-stealth to defeat the advancing Zombie horde to survive! It has won both gaming and educational awards and is used in homes and schools around the world to help children improve their numeracy through play.

    Enjoying mathematics with paper Origami workshop by Sue Pope and Tung Ken Lam - enjoying mathematics with paper Origami is enjoyable and challenging and a great starting point for mathematical exploration and learning. - Transforming the way mathematics is taught and learned mathematical story at a time. 

    Maths in a Suitcase - Maths in a Suitcase and Science in a Suitcase are “hands-on” exhibitions providing experiments, investigations, and activities for children of all ages, experience, background, and ability.

    STEM Centre Workshop - Supporting STEM learning. Working to achieve a world-leading education for all young people in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). 

    Yo Ho Ho-ratio: some mathematics of Trafalgar -This is presented by Able Seaman Ransom of HMS Pickle (the ship that brought the news of Trafalgar back to Britain) in 1805 seaman’s dress. We will look at how game theory played its part at Trafalgar, the mathematics of cannon balls and demonstrate their destructive power. Probability using seamen’s dice games will possibly play a part and we finish with a taste of ships biscuits.

    Watch this space! New presenters and activities are being added daily!