Annual Conference

The Association organises its Annual Conference either just before or just after Easter.


The MA is an accredited NCETM mathematics CPD provider.






Session Downloads from 'Inspiring Teachers' Conference

Plenary Primary Jones - Reasoning About The Problems Of Inspirational Teaching
1A: Bull & Warren - Primary Maths Games
1G-2G: Mason - Rectangle Removal
2C: Yearsley & Moore - Industry Related Maths (Siemens Formula for Thrills)

2E: Palfreyman - Odd Perfect numbers
2H: Roberts - Numbers in Welsh (Vigesimal and Decimal)
3A: Pennant - Developing Classroom Practice
3E: Simons - What I Have Learnt By Teaching
3F: Tyrrell - Statistics-Inspired or Confused?

3G: Gilderdale - NRICHing classrooms - opportunities for creativity
4A: Morgan - Five Big Ideas To Develop Mastery
4D: Pritchard - Binary Investigations
4G: Butler - Vectors and Differential Equations
4H: Blaylock - Why Core Maths?
4H-7H: Blaylock - Making Connections: Number and Algebra
5B: Borovik - Cute Little Inner Wolfies
5D: Alcock - Electronic Resources: Good Intentions, Poor Outcomes
5E: Siklos - Preparing for STEP
6C: Leversha - Inspiring and Enriching Lessons at School
6F: Issenberg - Maths Masterclass
6G: Dolan - What Lies Between 12 and 1
7D: Golding - Developing Reasoning in Algebra
7E: Brown & Kimber - Underground Mathematics
8C: Thompson - Pulling on Loose Threads
8E: Lissaman - Hands on STEP
8F: White - Using A Level Mathematics To Model Infection Spread And Control
8G: Robin - Genealogy
8H: Oldknow - The iSTEM Approach

Annual Conference 2017

7 April 2017 - 9 April 2017

Annual Conference 7 – 9 April 2017

Royal Holloway, University of London, Egham

Common Denominators: connections within and beyond mathematics

Opening Plenary: Liz Meenan

Closing Plenary: Rob Eastaway

After Dinner: A Saturday Night Special with David Acheson and Ben SparksA mixture of maths and live music, in which David and Ben will attempt to explore their common denominators.



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