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2017 Branch Events Calendar


The Symbols and the symbolised

11 March 2017

Branch:         Birmingham Branch

Title:              The Symbols and the symbolised

Presenter:     Peter Griffin (NCETM)

Date:              Saturday, 11th March 2017

Time:              9.30am for 10 am start (finishing 1pm)

Summary:     We can be lured into thinking that the symbols we use in mathematics are the mathematics itself. During the session we will explore some mathematical situations and think about ways in which learners might be given some control over symbolising these situations themselves. 

Venue:           University of Birmingham, School of Education, Room G39 (ground floor, through doors next to reception).

Contact:         Please email any enquiries to Lindsay Francome.  

Words and their wonderful ways.

11 March 2017

Title:                Words and their wonderful ways.

Presenter:       Peter M Neumann, Oxford University and Immediate Past President of the MA.

Date:               Saturday, 11th March 2017

Time:               9:30am - 12:30pm (Refreshment and Bookstalls from 9am)

Summary:         Peter's Informative and Entertaining Topics.  The topic starts with elementary manipulations of strings of letters, leading to a classic unsolved problem in mathematics. Please bring pencil and paper, and be ready to work together in small groups.

Venue:             Abbey Gardens Hall at The Abbey Gardens, Christchurch Gardens, Reading, Berkshire RG2 7AH.

Cost:                £5 entrance (includes £5 voucher redeemable at the bookstalls).

Contact:           For more information contact

Problem Solving - so what is new?

11 March 2017

Title:  Problem Solving – so what is new?

Presenters:   Colin Prestwich – Yorkshire Ridings Maths Hub

Date:  Saturday, 11 March 2017

Time:  1:30pm for 2pm

Abstract:  Study Session.  How to develop problem solving strategies in the classroom by developing the teachers and supporting them with PD and resources.

Does  lesson study have a distinct role?

How can the new Core maths level 3 award support this?

What about assessment and links to handling data and experimentation.

Thoughts from a serial head of maths and maths hub lead ….

Venue:  MALL 1, School of Mathematics,  University of Leeds.

Address:  Leeds, West Yorkshire LS2 9JT

Cost: Free.

Open to all.

Branch Contact: For more information or to register your place email  Alan Slomson .

This session will be immediately followed by YBMA AGM

Annual Problem Drive

13 March 2017

Branch:  Sussex Branch

Event Title:  Annual Problem Drive

Presenter:  Sussex Branch Committee

Date:  13 March 2017

Time:  4.30 pm

Summary:  n/a

Venue:  Roedean School, Studio 2

Venue Address:  Roedean Way, Brighton, BN2 5RQ


Contact:  Please send email  to Paul Harris for more information or to express interest in attending the event.,


Binary Problems and Investigations

15 March 2017

Branch:  Exeter Branch

Title:              Binary Problems and Investigations

Presenter:     Dr Chris Pritchard

Date:              Wednesday, 15th March 2017

Time:              6:30 pm for 7 pm start

Summary:     Binary numbers (and their kin) turn up in a variety of situations in elementary mathematics. We will consider some problems and investigations in which binary can be sued, from modelling paper-folding to the generation of bubble diagrams, and from the arrangement of Cuisenaire rods to shunting trucks.  All of the contexts are suitable for 11-16 year olds but they will bring challenge and surprise to all who attend. 

Venue:           Exeter Maths School, Rougemont House, Castle Street, Exeter, EX4 3PU

Contact:         Please email any enquiries to Sue Waring

From arithmetic to modern cryptography: a guided tour.

16 March 2017

Branch: Liverpool

TitleFrom arithmetic to modern cryptography: a guided tour

Presenter:  Declan Davis  (Declan Davis gained his PhD from the University of Liverpool in 2008, and is now Head of A-level Maths at the Belvedere Academy in Liverpool.)

Date: 16 March 2017

Time:  17.30

Summary:  Since the beginning of time, people have wanted to be able to communicate in a way that prevents anyone besides the intended recipient from reading the message. From the battle plans of Roman generals, to the interest rate decisions of the Bank of England, being able to keep communications secret is of vital importance. Cryptography is the area of mathematics that deals with keeping information secret and safe. From ordering a pizza online, to ensuring that the Prime Minister’s communications are kept secret, cryptography has an ever more important role to play in an increasingly digital world.  This talk will introduce the ideas of modular arithmetic finite fields and elliptic curves; and explore how these areas of Pure Mathematics are used by billions of people every day to keep their information safe.

Venue: University of Liverpool

Venue Address:  Room C, Central Teaching Hub, L69 7BX

Audience:   Year 11 and up, their teachers and anyone interested in mathematics and its applications

Branch Contact name/email:  Please email any enquiries to Ian Jarman

Door Charge: The lecture is free to students of all ages, and to members of the LivMS. Others will be charged £4 at the door.

Myths around Mastery - Maintaining Magical Moments in Maths

22 March 2017

Branch:           Cambridge Branch

Title:               Myths around Mastery - Maintaining Magical Moments in Maths

Presenter:     Andrew Jeffrey

Date:              Wednesday March 22nd 2017

Time:              5 pm - 6:30 pm

Summary:      A local Teach Meet for anyone who teaches maths: primary, secondary, post 16

Venue:           Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Wilberforce Road, CB4 0WA (parking available)

Cost:               MA/ATM members free, (please bring membership number) students £2, non-members £5.  Drinks and nibbles from 4.30, meeting 5-6.30

Contact:         For more information or just to say you are coming contact Lynne McClure  by 17th March.

Prime Numbers

23 March 2017

Branch:  Gloucester

Event Title:  Prime Numbers

Presenter:  Dr Vicky Neale, Mathematical Institute, Oxford University

Date:  Thursday, 23rd March, 2017

Time:  19:30pm

Summary:  Not yet available.

Venue:  Cheltenham Ladies College.

Venue Location/Address:  Bayshill Road, Cheltenham, GL50 3AA

Cost:  Free

Branch Contact name/email:  Jeff Ralph,


How to Solve Equations.

29 March 2017

Branch:  Yorkshire Branch

Title:  How to Solve Equations

Presenter:   Dr Vicky Neale, University of Oxford

Date:  Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Time:  2:15pm for 2.30pm

Abstract:  What strategies do mathematicians use to solve equations? We’ll focus on some classic examples from number theory, and see that sometimes the key to success is to use unexpected areas of maths and that sometimes solving even simple equations can be very challenging

Venue:  Rupert Beckett Lecture Theatre,  University of Leeds.

Address:  Leeds, West Yorkshire LS2 9JT

Cost: Free.

Open to all.

Branch Contact: For more information or to register your place email  Alan Slomson .

More Ideas for Teaching Area

10 June 2017

Title:  More Ideas for Teaching  Area

Presenter:   Chris Pritchard

Date:  Saturday, 10 June 2017

Time:  2pm for 2.30pm

Summary/Abstract  Following the publication of my book on the subject, A Square Peg in a Round Hole, the search for further ideas in teaching area goes on. Learn where the quest has reached and tackle some original problems for Year 9 and upwards.

The book is published by the MA and there will be copies available for purchase.

Venue:  MALL 1, School of Mathematics,  University of Leeds.

Address:  Leeds, West Yorkshire LS2 9JT

Cost: Free.

Open to all.

Branch Contact: For more information or to register your place email  Alan Slomson .