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The Mathematical Association publish a number of journals each distinctly aimed at a particular sector of mathematical education: Primary, Secondary, Higher Education and Special Needs. If you are looking to promote titles and/or products in one of these areas of maths education, see detailed information below about how you can advertise in one of our journals.

For more information about advertising and to book space please contact:

Janet Powell, Advertising Manager

Email: Tel: 0208 133 9347

The Mathematical Association, 259 London Road, Leicester LE2 3BE

Mathematics in School

Mathematics in School’ is a lively and resource packed A4 Secondary Education maths journal published by The Mathematical Association for teachers of secondary pupils, students in training and all those with a professional interest in mathematics education.  As a long established designer journal it is unique among its peers; contents include contributions from mathematics practitioners at all levels and articles that reflect the best of current thinking and practice by means of exploring further development and sharing practical experiences.  Readers will find helpful advice on general teaching methods and each issue guarantees numerous articles of relevance and a book/product reviews section.   Importantly, the wealth of material found in every issue has photo copy rights, providing busy teachers with hands on classroom resources.  

Publication months and artwork deadlines 2017

January issue - 2nd December
March issue - 10th February
May issue - 10th April
September issue - 25th July
November issue - 19th September

Full Page Size: 190mm wide x 296mm deep
Half Page Size: 190mm wide x 134mm deep

The Mathematical Gazette

The Mathematical Gazette readership is a mixture of school teachers, college and university lecturers, educationalists and others with an interest in mathematics. This is one of the World's leading journals in its field, publishing articles about the teaching and learning of mathematics with a focus on the 15-20 age range and expositions of attractive areas of mathematics. Regular sections include letters, extensive book reviews and a problem corner.

Distribution: Subscribers and Members. Estimated readership in excess 7,000.

Publication months and artwork deadlines 2017

March Issue - January 20th
July Issue - May 19th
November Issue - September 20th

Full Page: 114mm wide x 191mm deep
Half Page: 114mm wide x 89mm deep

Primary Mathematics

Primary Mathematics is an A4 journal published by The Mathematical Association and written essentially by Primary Teachers for Primary Teachers.  Content, which is often but not always themed, endeavours to blend ideas for classroom activities with articles about research, events and current news items relative to Primary Maths Education.  Packed full of articles and resources with photo copy rights, Primary Maths provides busy teachers with a back-up of classroom material.  There is also a reviews section for published titles and products. 

Distribution: Members and Subscribers of the Mathematical Association. Readership in excess of 5,000.

Publication months and artwork deadlines 2017

January issue - 2nd December
May issue - 4th April
September issue - 25th July

Full Page Size: 190mm wide x 296mm deep
Half Page Size: 190mm wide x 134mm deep

The M A Newsletter

The MA News News is an established and well read publication for maths teachers in primary, secondary and higher education. Published three times a year by the Mathematical Association the Newsletter contains numerous articles of interest and information about current and future maths events throughout the UK.

Distribution: Members and Subscribers and Maths related Institutions UK wide. Estimated readership in excess of 7,000.

Publication months and artwork deadlines 2017

February Issue - 12th January
June Issue - 12th May
October Issue - 12th September

Full Page - A4: 190mm wide x 276mm deep
Half Page - A5: 190mm wide x 134mm deep

Full Page Specification: Process in CMYK colours; crop marks (A4 portrait: 297 x 210mm) with allowance of 3mm allowed on bleed edges; to fill the entire page, generate 30mm larger to allow for crop/bleed marks and bleed - total dimension 240mm x 327mm (A4 extra) minimum resolution 300 dpi. PDF Artwork only.

Equals Online
Equals Online - Mathematics and Special Educational Needs is a valuable resource for those working to ensure that all pupils will benefit from mathematics. Classroom teachers need the best support to develop good practice in line with current initiatives and it is the aim of Equals to provide this support in a number of practical ways. Age range: 3-18 years
Equals Online is produced by teachers and curriculum/SEN specialists dedicated to opening up mathematics to low attainers. In practical terms it provides support through the exchange of ideas to help teachers reveal the excitement and applicability of mathematics to those who have in the past found the subject inaccessible and/or irrelevant. Updates on issues affecting practice, book reviews, practical ideas and resources are just some of the features of Equals Online...

To advertise in Equals Online please contact Janet Powell - Tel: 0208 133 9347