Meet the Trustees

The MA is run by members for members from its headquarters in Leicester and is managed by a Council of around 19 MA members. But the heart of the MA is to be found in its publications, its committees and subcommittees, and its other activities, which provide an invaluable opportunity for interested teachers to work together on topics of common interest - work which often results in publications, resources or discussion documents for the wider community.

Jennie Golding - President
From an Oxford mathematics first degree and research, Jennie spent 35 years teaching maths to 3-93 year olds. She joined the MA and ATM as an undergraduate, and is passionate about developing the potential of the range of young people so that they can enjoy confident and effective engagement with mathematics. Jennie has worked in Primary and Secondary teacher development across the globe, increasingly combining that with teaching in schools, and has also engaged extensively with mathematics education policy, latterly as vice-chair of ACME. She now works in Higher Education, developing mathematics teachers and researching what is needed to do that effectively.

Peter Neumann - Immediate Past President
Peter Neumann has been a member of the MA for over fifty years, having joined as an undergraduate. He taught for well over forty years at the Queen's College, Oxford, and in the Mathematics Department of the University of Oxford. After retirement in 2008 he continued, and still continues, to teach a little for both institutions. He has also taught mathematics for an hour a week and chess for thirty minutes a week in a local primary school. His research area is algebra, mainly group theory, and its modern history. In the past he served for a number of years on Council of the London Mathematical Society and Council of the British Society for History of Mathematics.  He was much involved in the creation of the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust in 1995/96, one of his favourite enterprises, and continues to contribute to its activities.

Tom Roper - President Designate
Tom taught mathematics in schools and colleges for 17 years, before joining the staff of the School of Education at the University of Leeds. He retired from full-time work at Christmas 2010 having spent the previous 4.5 years as Head of the School. Throughout his career, Tom has given talks on mathematics and led workshops in schools and at masterclasses; he was the first Holgate Lecturer to be appointed by the LMS not to come from a university mathematics department. Tom joined the MA via the Yorkshire Branch in the early 1980's and has been branch secretary and president. Though now fully retired he continues to help with the editorial work on The Mathematical Gazette in between walking and playing as much bowls as possible.

Peter Ransom - Chair of Council
Peter is a Past President of The Mathematical Association, a freelance mathematics educator and granddad. He has devoted over 30 years to teaching mathematics in state schools from Northumberland to Hampshire. Peter is a member of most mathematical organisations and is often seen doing mathematics masterclasses in period costume. He is keen to raise awareness of the benefit of using history of mathematics and STEM in the mathematics classroom. Currently he is working with the TSST at Southampton University.

Chris Pritchard - Secretary
Recently retired, Chris had taught in London and in two schools in Scotland for nearly four decades, much of that time as a head of department.  He is currently Chair of the Scottish Mathematical Council and Secretary of The Mathematical Association.  Chris served for 13 years on the MA's Teaching Committee, four of them as Chair. Having a vocational interest in elementary geometry and its teaching and a research specialism in the history of mathematics, he is a regular contributor to conferences and to journals.

Bill Richardson - Treasurer and Company Secretary
Bill Richardson has been on Council for many years and was President in 1996-1997. Though retired, he is still active in school level mathematics as well as helping to produce The Mathematical Gazette. He lives near Elgin in Scotland.

Julia Brown - Chair of Professional Development Committee
Julia is a mathematics teacher and Assistant Head Teacher at Wycombe High School, where she is also the lead for the Bucks Berks and Oxon Maths Hub.  In her current role she works with a range of organisations such as the UKMT, FMSP, CMSP and Ri together with other teachers to provide mathematical opportunities for students and teachers across the Bucks, Berks and Oxon region.  She is also a Specialist Leader in Mathematics, an NCETM Secondary PD Lead and supports Heads of Mathematics in reviewing and developing their departments.

Paul Harris - Editor-in-Chief
Dr Paul Harris is a Reader in Mathematics at the University of Brighton where he has worked in the Mathematics division for over 20 years. He has helped with organising the Sussex Branch of The Mathematical Association for over 15 years. He has also served as the Chair of the Association's Branches Committee and as Treasurer of the Association. He is currently the Association's Editor-In-Chief.

Rachael Horsman - Chair of Teaching Committee
Rachael Horsman is a Specialist Leader of Education at Comberton Village College Trust. An avid traveller, maths has taken her to Mongolia, Egypt and Shanghai to name a few. Having been teaching for eleven years she has worked in a boys' grammar school, London city fringe school and village comprehensive. She has been an active member of The Mathematical Association since her first conference in 2006.

Barry Lewis - Member without Office
Barry Lewis was the Director of Maths Year 2000, and then President of The Mathematical Association in 2002 - 2003. In 2005 - 2010 he served as its Chair of Council and as Chair of Publications in 2011 - 2016. Barry spent most of his working life in academic and reference publishing, but now has time to pursue his greater interest - mathematics. He writes regularly for The Mathematical Gazette and has written a number of monographs in mathematics - mostly in Combinatorics and Enumeration.

Cherri Moseley - Chair of Membership Committee
Cherri is an independent primary mathematics consultant and writer. She delivers training for schools and Local Authorities as well as working in partnership with a range of providers. Cherri has written a wide variety of mathematics resources for teachers and also advises leading educational publishers. She has visited schools in Hungary and Portugal to explore teaching methods and approaches.

David Miles - Chair of Publicity and Media
David Miles is Assistant Headteacher with responsibility for assessment, data and examinations at Sir John Leman High School, Beccles and has taught KS3, GCSE and A Level mathematics and further mathematics for 11 years. He is an A Level examiner and has authored a number of national and international mathematics assessments spanning KS2 to KS5.  David is the Treasurer of Teaching Committee and a regular contributor to Mathematics in School.

David Pountney - Member without Office
Dave Pountney was subject head of Mathematics at Liverpool John Moores University until his retirement in 2010 and he has taught mathematics to mathematics, engineering and science students for over 35 years. He has been a member of the Liverpool Mathematical Society for many years and represents Liverpool branch at MA Branches committee meetings. He was Chair of Branches in 2010 - 2016.

Joyce Brown - Member without Office
Joyce has been teaching maths in secondary schools in the North East of England for over 30 years. Alongside her classroom work, she has been involved in teacher training, both as a mentor and a trainer, working with PGCE providers in the area. She has been involved with both MA and ATM for most of that time and is passionate about helping pupils get a glimpse of the wonderful world that is mathematics, contributing to masterclass programmes with her talk on the mathematics of bell-ringing.  Joyce joined Council as a Member without Office in 2015 and became Chair of Conference in 2016.

Keith Cadman - Chair of Branches

Keith began his career in education teaching mathematics at a school in rural Shropshire. He then taught in several Birmingham schools and served on the committee of the Birmingham MA Branch. Keith worked as a teacher adviser in Wolverhampton Local Authority for a number of years. The post initially involved some teaching in several of the Authority’s schools. However the role changed to an advisory one developing specific projects with schools particularly with higher attaining students in both primary and secondary. Since his recent retirement he continues to set questions and run finals for the UKMT Team Maths Challenge. He has been the Youth Activities Officer for several years.  Keith continues to get great enjoyment out of teaching mathematics to children of all ages.

Michael Fox – Acting Chair of Publications

Michael taught mathematics in grammar and comprehensive schools becoming Head of Department.  He went on to a Deputy Headship, then Head of a comprehensive school.  For 13 years he was a setter of A-level and special Papers in Further Mathematics for the Cambridge Board. He was also a magistrate and a Chair of the Warwickshire Bench.  Michael has held the Chair of the MA's Publications Committee and has also been the association's Treasurer.  He has contributed articles and problems to the Mathematical Gazette for an extraordinary number of years!

Ray Huntley – Member without Office

Rob Smith - Member without Office