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Equals Online - Mathematics and Special Educational Needs is a valuable resource for those working to ensure that all pupils will benefit from mathematics. Classroom teachers need the best support to develop good practice in line with current initiatives and it is the aim of Equals to provide this support in a number of practical ways. Age range: 3-18+ years

Equals Online is produced by teachers and curriculum/SEN specialists dedicated to opening up mathematics to low attainers. In practical terms it provides support through the exchange of ideas to help teachers reveal the excitement and applicability of mathematics to those who have in the past found the subject inaccessible and/or irrelevant. Updates on issues affecting practice, book reviews, practical ideas and resources are just some of the features of Equals Online...



Rachel Gibbons


Editorial Team

Mundher Adhami
Mark Clark
Lynda Maple

Dora Bowes
Jane Gabb
Nick Peacey

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Equals Archive

Anniversary Edition

Save the Albatross

Vol 19 - No. 2

Ten £10 notes, of £100, are about 1mm thick. But what about £1 million in £10 notes?

Vol 19 - No. 1

The children count and record the numbers of worms, snails and flowers that were found

Vol 18 - No. 3

Ferns make wonderful counting boards

Vol 18 - No. 2

Realising potential in mathematics for all

Vol 18 - No. 1

Some more fascinating mathematics in unusual places

Vol 17 - No. 3

Estimating tree ages

Vol 17 - No. 2

Making a Reuleaux Triangle

Vol 17 - No. 1

Graveyard data brings mathematics alive!

Vol 16 - No. 3

Mathematics in unusual places

Vol 16 - No. 2

Integration? Yes, but Inclusion? There's the Rub

Vol 16 - No. 1

Problem of how much food to give fish of differing sizes

Vol 15 - No. 3

How many are there?

Vol 15 - No. 2

More for Less

Vol 15 - No. 1

Practical Logic

Vol 14 - No. 3

Alice is examined by the White Queen and
the Red Queen

Vol 14 - No. 2

A (Maths) Walk in the Forest

Vol 14 - No. 1


Vol 13 - No. 3

There were ten in a bed...

Vol 13 - No. 2

Visible numbers are not only for learners
with Down Syndrome!

Vol 13 - No. 1

Mathematising Nature, in imagination

Vol 12 - No. 3

What's in a name Part 1

Vol 12 - No. 2

Renewing the Primary Mathematics Framework

Vol 12 - No. 1

Welcome to a swan on two adjacent lakes
watching a diving fish

Vol 11 - No. 3

The Idiot Teacher

Vol 11 - No. 2

Letter from Darfur - Equals exclusive

Vol 11 - No. 1

It's the way I tell them!

Vol 10 - No. 3

Living Graphs

Vol 10 - No. 2

"When I choose a word, it means just what
I choose it to mean - neither more nor less"
- Lewis Carroll

Vol 10 - No. 1

Dyslexia and mathematics at University

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Equals Archive


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