Symmetryplus 69

Number 69 Summer 2019 Emma Haruka became interested in π when she was 12. She is now a software engineer at Google. π ONEERING π To celebrate π day (14 th March, or 3/14, American style) this year Emma Haruka released news that she had calculated the value of π to 31.4 trillion digits, which is about 9 trillion more than previously calculated. It took her four months of computers working 24 hours to calculate the value to 31 415 926 535 897 digits, which you might recognise as the first fourteen digits of π . Does anyone need this accuracy? NASA uses around 15 digits in its calculations with rockets and only 40 digits are needed to calculate the circumference of the Milky Way to the width of a proton, but it does indicate how powerful computers have become. Acknowledgement of picture by Yuryu Emma_Haruka_Iwao_in_Morocco.jpg Recent News Arc 115 ° 5 – the Curvature of the Baie des Anges, Nice by Bernar Venet, 1988