Martin Gardner: 1914-2010

Martin Gardner: 1914-2010

Martin Gardner's life was not only long but extraordinarily productive. He was a polymath and a gifted writer, publishing more than 70 books in his long career as well as innumerable magazine and newspaper articles. His wide range of interests included recreational mathematics in which he carved out a unique space. He was not a mathematician - he never even took a maths class after high school - yet Martin Gardner was arguably the most influential and inspirational figure in mathematics in the second half of the last century. An honourary member of the MA, Gardner was also a dedicated fan of Lewis Carrolls's books, especially Alice through the Looking glass.
Through his monthly column in Scientific American, which ran for 24 years, Gardner popularised mathematical puzzles and games, bringing serious research to new audiences and revolutionising the field of recreational mathematics. Read more ...
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