Mathematics and Magic

Mathematics and Magic

Mathematics and magic may seem a strange combination, but many of the most powerful magical effects performed today have a mathematical basis. Maths is also the secret behind the technologies we use, the products we buy and the jobs we do.

The Manual of Mathematical Magic is a unique kit of magical miracles to impress and entertain your friends. The secrets behind street magic, close-up and stage tricks are explained clearly with instructions on how to perform them perfectly. Then you can also learn about the mathematical basis of the trick and how that same mathematics is instrumental in our modern world.

Freely available to all UK schools, the Manual of Mathematical Magic kit is being actively distributed to schools in London, Leeds, Liverpool and Coventry. While there are supplies available, schools in the UK can request a free copy from the website:

Also available from the MA website:

It's A Kind Of Magic
by David Crawford

This book contains many numerical tricks, suitable for the classroom enrichment of general mathematical entertainment, together with full mathematical explanations as to why the tricks actually work. There is also a section dealing with mathematical card tricks that require no special card-handling skills to perform but still have the potential to create a wow-factor amongst any observers.