Major report on Primary Schools

Major report on Primary Schools

Major report on Primary Schools - The Cambridge Primary Review

Following its three-year enquiry and 31 interim reports, the Cambridge Primary Review publishes its final report on the condition and future of English primary education

The report draws on more than 4000 published sources, both national and
international, together with: 28 specially-commissioned research surveys; 1052 written submissions from leading organisations and individuals, ranging from 1 to 300 pages in length; nearly 250 soundings, seminars, conferences and other meetings in different parts of the country; thousands of e-mails; and an extensive trawl of official data.

The report has been written by a team of 14 authors, supported by 66 research consultants and a 20-strong advisory committee, under the editorship of the Reviewʼs director, Professor Robin Alexander of
Cambridge University. Its 608 pages and 24 chapters end with 78 formal conclusions and 75 recommendations for future policy and practice, all endorsed by the reportʼs authors and the Reviewʼs advisory committee.

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