Maths Circles with Dr Simon Singh 7 June 2022

Maths Circles with Dr Simon Singh

Dear Teachers,

I’m excited to tell you about a new initiative from our friends at Parallel, a charitable mathematics project founded and run by bestselling science author and maths educator, Simon Singh.

As you may have seen in The Sunday Times, after a successful year-long pilot, Simon is launching free online maths circles for upper primary students aged 9-11 every week.

The first circle is on Monday June 13 at 5pm (so students take part from home), and then they continue every Monday through the summer and throughout the next academic year.

The circles are a way for students to learn from some of the best maths educators in the world. They will contain a mix of challenging questions, puzzles and enrichment topics. Also, these maths circles will be a good opportunity to develop and practice the sort of problem-solving skills that are used to solve Primary Maths Challenge problems. The circles are highly interactive, with live chat and polling throughout.

The circles are completely safe and secure - students do not appear on screen and cannot be heard, and only our educators can see chat comments.

How to sign up and learn more:

  • Students (or their parents) can create their own accounts by visiting - they can sign up for free using a school email or a parent email address.
  • There is an information session for parents and teachers at 7pm on June 8. If you would like to attend, then just visit when the time comes.
  •  There is no need to register for any particular maths circle or information session. Just visit at the right time on the right day.

This is an extraordinary free opportunity for your students to boost their maths skills - don’t miss out! Please do share this opportunity with parents. You could forward this email to parents or, better still, here is a short note that you can send to parents and students that explains how and why they should get involved.