We are recruiting a treasurer 9 May 2022

We are recruiting a treasurer

The Treasurer plays an important role within our Association to:

Advise Council on matters concerning the finances, property and insurance of the MA

Propose budgets within which committees, employees and others working on behalf of the MA may operate, and present these to the Council for approval.

Ensure that annual accounts are prepared and submitted for independent examination, present these to the AGM for approval

The Treasurer shall also propose the independent examiners for the following year

Regularly monitor the income and expenditure of the MA, having special regard to any expenditure which falls outside the budgets approved by Council

Attends Standing Committee, CUP meetings, the clearance meeting with the independent examiners and various other committee meetings when required

 Council meets quarterly in March, June, September and December of each year.

Nominations for election to any position on Council must be made in writing by two Members. Such nominations together with the nominee’s written consent and a short (100-200 word) biography.

These are to be addressed to:

The Executive Officer

The Mathematical Association, 259 London Road, Leicester, LE2 3BE

Or emailed to executiveofficer@m-a.org.uk