First Mathematics Challenge 2022 29 April 2022

First Mathematics Challenge 2022

The First Mathematics Challenge (FMC) has been specifically created to give all pupils in Years 3 and 4 England and Wales, P3 and P4 in Scotland and year 4 and 5 in Northern Ireland, the opportunity to take part in a National Challenge. 

The FMC has been created for all your pupils. It is our intention that mathematics is portrayed as enjoyable, exciting and engaging for younger pupils and the FMC should provide an entertaining yet educational ending to the school year.

The FMC is easy to administer and mark!

The Challenge will go ahead online this year, in addition to the option to download the paper for your pupils.

Schools should order access in 10s. Full details regarding access will be communicated to schools nearer the Challenge.

Orders for the First Mathematics Challenge 2022 are now open!