Sexy maths 30 April 2009

Sexy maths

The number 1,729 just keeps on appearing. In the animated sitcom Futurama, Bender was the 1,729th robot to be manufactured by its creator. The Nimbus BP-1729, the space craft captained by Zapp Brannigan also pays homage to the number. The Complicite's hit show A Disappearing Number, features a man obsessed with getting his telephone number changed to include the digits 1,7,2 and 9. And in David Auburn's play Proof, the protagonist Catherine calculates at the beginning of the play that if every day she'd lost to depression was a year it would work out at a total of 1,729 weeks.

Read more about this ubiquitous number in an article in The Times Online (April 22, 2009) written by Marcus du Sautoy. Read it here.