Maths exams - do they add up? 29 April 2009

Maths exams - do they add up?

Was it
logax logay ≡ loga(xy)
logax - logay ≡ loga(x/y)?

Remembering by heart the laws of logarithms may soon be a thing of the past for A-level and AS-level mathematics students.

The government's exams agency, the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA), is asking maths teachers whether pupils should still have to memorise a list of formulae for their exams. They also want to know whether teachers think it is time calculators were allowed in all maths A-level, AS-level and further maths papers. Some exam boards ban calculators in one paper.

Teachers have from now until July 9 to make their views known.

Read about it here in the Guardian on-line (April 20, 2009)