Comic book on Bertrand Russell 27 April 2009

Comic book on Bertrand Russell

An unexpected kind of comic book hero is set to emerge this autumn: Bertrand Russell, the philosopher, logician, mathematician and Nobel prize for literature winner who wrote the seminal work on mathematical logic, the Principia Mathematica.

Russell, who died aged 97 in 1970, is starring in a graphic novel based on his life, which portrays the great pacifist's quest to pin down the foundations of mathematics. First published in Greece last year, where it has become an unexpected bestseller, Logicomix, subtitled An Epic Search for Truth, is the brainchild of maths expert and novelist Apostolos Doxiadis, who was admitted to Columbia University at the tender age of 15.

Read about it here in the Guardian on-line (April 27, 2009):