What is dyscalculia? 22 September 2020

What is dyscalculia?

This webinar explores cognitive barriers to doing and learning mathematics.

In 2019 a new definition of dyscalculia was published that made the distinction between impairment in the sense of number and other difficulties caused by, for example, working memory or poor literacy. But what is a sense of number and how does it impact on doing maths, how common is it and how can weaknesses in other areas of cognition impact on the learning of maths, and how can we help learners to overcome these difficulties.

Pete Jarrett is a member of the Editorial Board of Equals online, the Mathematics Association Journal of maths and SEN, Chair of the British Dyslexia Association Dyscalculia and Maths Learning Difficulties Committee and a co-author of the new definition of dyscalculia.  

Watch the recording here