The MA is saddened to hear of the death of Don Steward 6 May 2020

The MA is saddened to hear of the death of Don Steward

Don Steward was a much-loved member of the maths education community. In the first 25 volumes of the MA’s publication Mathematics in School, he had twenty articles published. In 2007 he started writing a series of blogs in order to share the rich tasks that he had created for his students.

Don regularly posted on his blogs for over a decade. He shared hundreds of tasks, to the delight of maths teachers. He took great pride in his work. The rise of social media helped spread the word about his blog, which received millions of visitors from all over the world. He had an exceptional talent for task design. He was known for his clever creativity, as well as his generosity.

Don was a member of The Mathematical Association. He presented an excellent workshop on probability at the ATM-MA Conference in 2019.

Don Steward was a true legend in the maths education community. He made both students and teachers think deeply. He will be greatly missed.

Photo: Don Steward with MA Council Member Jo Morgan in 2016