National Numeracy Day 2018 6 February 2018

National Numeracy Day 2018

National Numeracy Day 2018

16th May will be the first ever National Numeracy Day.  ‘We are all numbers people’ is our theme for 2018 and will focus on helping more adults to understand how and why they should improve their numeracy level, with a particular focus on managing family finances and better employment prospects.

Supported already by the Ufi charitable trust, KPMG and Experian, and fronted by Martin Lewis, Rachel Riley and Andy Haldane, we aim to raise awareness of the importance of numbers in everyone’s lives and encourage action to increase numeracy levels across the UK.

We are still looking for top level sponsorship and we also need official ‘Champion’ support (please contact if this might be of interest to you in return for a donation or the use of your services), and there will be a partners toolkit containing activities for getting involved.

Please contact to know more.